RunGood Poker Series Contenders Council Bluffs ends in a four-way chop

Jon Pill
Posted on: February 22, 2022 12:07 PST

The Horseshoe Council Bluffs casino is perhaps the most mid-Western casino anywhere. Sat right in the middle of the Corn Belt, it is rock-chucking distance from the Missouri River right on the Iowan side of the Nebraska border. One side of the property faces the Mid-American Center, two of the others overlook the Union Pacific Railroad.

Over the weekend 813 players scooched brass plated seats under grey-baized tables to battle it out at the RunGood Poker Series Contenders Council Bluffs $575 Main Event.

When the four Day 1 flights had run their course, 137 players remained with $406k in the pot and 90 spots getting paid.

Despite the enormous turnout and a long alternates list, the Horseshoe was able to get everyone seated in the end.

"I can’t say enough great things about @HorseshoeIowa!" Tana Karn, the RGPS's founder, wrote.

"I know lists of alternates are not ideal but they pushed through the list organized and efficient, dealers put in the hours and players were patient. Speaks volumes about the Midwest poker community. Thank you for it all."

Day 2 action

On Day 2, those 137 players came back for a grueling 13 hours of play.

When Vicki McKee hit the rail in 5th, the exhausted remaining players agreed to an even splitting of the pot. Each of the top four finishers walked home with $48,771.

After the long day mining chips, the four victors — Eric Kyle, Kaleb Dunn, Guanyun Cheng, and Dakotah O'Dell — must have been happy to hit the showers having turned $575 into almost $50k.

O'Dell took first place and so earned a ticket to the ProAm event later in the year. The ProAm event will have its final table filmed in the PokerGO studio.

RunGood Gear congratulated him on Twitter by writing, "Dakotah O'Dell emerges victorious over a field of 813 entries in the $575 RG Main Event at @HorseshoeIowa after a 4-way deal was made. He takes home $48,771 and also earns an entry into the RG ProAM at the @PokerGO Studio in December!"

RunGood Poker Series Contenders Council Bluffs Main Event complete final table results

Position Player Name Payout
1st Dakotah O'Dell $48,771*
2nd Guanyun Cheng $48,771*
3rd Kaleb Dunn $48,771*
4th Eric Kyle $48,771*
5th Vicki McKee $20,765
6th Donald Nimneh $15,901
7th Rob Palacios $12,331
8th Mike Henrich $9,682
9th Nick Barksdale $7,696
10th Chris Fraley $6,190

Featured image source: Twitter