Sean Perry yo-yos to $200k victory in PokerGO Cup Event #2

Jon Pill
Posted on: February 05, 2022 08:55 PST

Event #2 of the PokerGO cup was a roller coaster ride for Sean Perry. Perry beat a field of 80 entries with a nice round pot of $800,000. However, it wasn't smooth sailing. Perry eventually took down the $200,000 first prize after being within a whisker of elimination twice.

“I was at three big blinds early on and I was telling everyone that I would make the money. Then I made the money," Perry explained in his post-game interview. "Even at the final table, I was down to two big blinds and somehow came back and won. That’s always nice. Bryn Kenney was giving action, I was giving action, it was a lot of fun. I just ran well."

Final table action

Certainly, the quality of play was perhaps a little less consistent than you'd normally expect at a final table made up of Perry, Dan Shak, Darren Elias, Scott Ball, Bryn Kenney, and Cary Katz. But it was chaotic in all the ways that make poker fun to watch — big pots, big swings, and silly side bets.

“We were definitely gambling, but this tournament is even more exciting," Perry said. "We were playing the nine-four off game... in a $100,000 event. I bluffed it all off to Nick Petrangelo with nine-four off. That’s why we were doing it. It was a good time.”

The nine-four game cuts both ways and Perry also busted Scott Ball when he rivered two pair nines and fours.

“I have to say, this is probably the most fun I’ve had winning a tournament,” Perry said of his win.

After his stack had yo-yoed up and down the leaderboard, Perry finally got heads up with Cary Katz. The pair got their stacks all-in pre-flop with Katz holding the A❤️K♣ and Perry with the K❤️3❤️.

In a fitting end to the high volatility session, the board kept both players guessing with a 5❤️2❤️K♠ flop, giving both players a pair, draws, and redraws. A J♦️ on the turn put Katz's equity up to 75%.

The 3♣ on the river ended things for Katz, sending him to the rail to collect his $144,000 win for second place.

PokerGO Cup Event #2: $10,000 No Limit Hold 'em complete results

Position  Player Name Payout PokerGO Tour Points
1st Sean Perry $200,000 200
2nd Cary Katz $144,000 144
3rd Bryn Kenney $96,000 96
4th Scott Ball $80,000 80
5th Darren Elias $64,000 64
6th Dan Shak $48,000 48
7th Brock Wilson $40,000 40
8th Ali Imsirovic $32,000 32
9th Stephen Chidwick $32,000 32
10th Sam Soverel $24,000 24
11th Nick Schulman $24,000 24
12th Michael Lang $16,000 16

Featured image source: PokerGO