Super High Roller Bowl event #2 quiet in wake of Ivey's victory

Jon Pill
Posted on: August 25, 2021 16:05 PDT

After a star-studded final table in yesterday's short deck tourney, today's Super High Roller Bowl Europe was a much smaller affair. The second event, a $25k hold'em game, got a few more players but proved rather less exciting to follow.

Yesterday saw the fireworks flare with viewers tuning in to see Phil Ivey, Erik Seidel, and Stephen Chidwick facing off at the same tournament final table , while Tony G played his first televised poker in a decade on a parralel cash game stream. Today's $25k no-limit hold 'em tournament couldn't quite match yesterday for star-lumens. Though the prizes were bigger.

Ultimately Johan Guilbert took down Event #2: $25,000 No-Limit Hold'em. For his troubles, he won a touch over half-a-mill in U.S. fiat. To do so he had to beat Selahaddin Bedir heads up. For both players, their score in this tournament made up a significant percentage of their total live cashes .

Along the way, most of the big names fell without making the money. Among the fallen were Wiktor Malinowski (38th), Erik Seidel (33rd), Tony G (25th), and Michael Addamo (14th). Stephen Chidwick did make it to day two, but was the first out.

On day one, 81 players bought into the tournament. By the close of play yesterday, that field was down to ten players. The final ten reconvened today to play down to the winner.

"Just a regular Wednesday," PokerGO news tweeted. "@YoHViral [Johan Guilbert] wins Super High Roller Bowl Europe Event 2: $25,000 NLH for $506,250!"

The final heads-up hand

Heads-up play began with 10,125,000 million in chips on the table. These were apportioned about as close to evenly as it gets in tournament poker. Bedir was trailing slightly with 5,015,000 in chips, Guilbert had the lead with 5,110,000.

At the start of heads up play, the blinds were at 50k/100k with a 100k big blind ante. Despite some big swings, by the time the hammer fell, the blinds were up to 75k/150k with a 150k ante, and the stacks were almost back to even.

Bedir had 4.6 million, Guilbert had 5.5 million, with a slight shift in the table's chip total after chipping up the 5k chips.

Guilbert made it 300k to go from the button with the A♠7❤️. Bedir called out of position with T♣5♣.

The flop was a near-perfect one for getting both players committed with the A♦️7♣4♣ giving Guilbert top two-pair pair and Bedir a flush draw with some backdoor outs.

Bedir checked and Guilbert c-bet 225k into the 750k pot. Bedir called, making the total in the middle 1.2 million.

The 6♠ came on the turn, adding an open-ended straight draw to Bedir's flush. Guilbert threw out 750k and Bedir turned his hand into a semi-bluff by shoving for 3.3 million.

Guilbert went into the tank, burning some of his credit on the shot clock as he went. Eventually, he called. There were a ton of cards that could have crippled him, but the T♠ that came on the river wasn't one of them.

Bedir won $364,500 for his second place finish.

Super High Roller Bowl Europe Event #2: $25,000 No Limit Hold 'em complete final table results

Position Player name Prize
1st Johan Guilbert $506,250
2nd Selahaddin Bedir $364,500
3rd Seth Davies $243,000
4th Christoph Vogelsang $202,500
5th David Stamm $162,000
6th Ali Imsirovic $121,500
7th Saman Nakhjavani $101,250
8th Pascal Lefrancois $81,000

Featured image source: Twitter