The 2021 WSOP's online registration is open: here's what you need to know

Jon Pill
Posted on: August 17, 2021 15:38 PDT

The World Series of Poker has announced that online registration is now open for the 2021 WSOP in Vegas.

"Online registration for WSOP 2021 is now open on," the @WSOP account tweeted. "Follow the easy, step by step instructions at the link below to beat the lines and register online."

As with the WSOP's COVID rules, the instructions on the site are not especially easy to follow. However, the actual process for registering isn't too complicated.

The WSOP website has a number of options for anyone wanting to buy in online. The WSOP is using Bravo Poker Live to manage buy ins. This is the same software the WSOP has used for managing the registration process since 2016. So, repeat customers shouldn't be too thrown by the setup.

How to buy in online

Before registering you will need to get yourself a Caesars Reward loyalty card and account. You will also need to set up an account on Bravo Poker Live.

Once you've got those logins set up you can go to the WSOP's registration page and follow the links from there. Bravo Poker Live will walk you through the rest of the process.

For events with a buy-in of $10,000 or higher, the only option for paying the buy-in is a wire transfer. For sub-$10k events you can use wire transfers, credit or debit cards, or an ACH transfer. It is worth noting that if you're using a wire transfer, you will need to send the payment at least 14 days before the event kicks off.

Then you just need to get yourself to the Belize room on the day. Turn up at least an hour before the event is supposed to start. The Belize Ballroom will be serving as the central point for any players who registered online.

You will need to bring Photo ID with you and your payment card (assuming you paid by card). The WSOP FastTrac system will then spit out "seat assignments and receipts for all event(s) this participant has registered for" and you can wander off to find your seat in your own sweet time after that.

What if I want to buy in live?

Live registration will open much later and is currently scheduled to begin at 9 AM local time Tuesday, September 23, 2021 in the Rio.

The main registration location is in the Tropical Ballroom at the rear of the Rio's convention center. Once open, it will remain so, 24/7 until November 23 and the end of the series.

You will need three things to buy-in live—a payment method, photo ID, and a Caesars Reward loyalty card. Caesars is accepting cash, card, wire transfers, cashier's cheques, Rio gaming chips, Rio buy-in chips, and tournament buy-in credit.

The WSOP is also pushing the self-service kiosks this year. Daniel Negreanu was dragged in to promote the system.

"The WSOP Tournament Account is a no-brainer for anyone who plays more than a couple WSOP events annually," Negreanu said. "Literally I went to the registration cage once to set it up, then utilized the self-serve kiosks the rest of the summer to register for any event I wanted to play. I was in and out of the kiosk in less than a minute and on my way to my seat."

Getting set up with a WSOP Tournament Account should ease your way through September and November.

Featured image source: Twitter