The ultimate guide to PokerStars’ North American SCOOP 2024

SCOOP table from 2023
Author Adam Hampton
Adam Hampton
Posted on: March 29, 2024 02:10 PDT

There’s an oft-repeated line in poker that claims it’s the only game or sport where anyone can take on the best in the world.

While going one-on-one with Lebron James or playing a round with Scottie Scheffler is beyond the aspirations of even the keenest amateur baller or golfer, poker is different. Or so the story goes.

But the truth, as usual, is a little more complicated. While it’s true poker is a great leveller, few of us have the bankroll to take on the giants of the game - and even if we did, geography plays a part. If you’re not in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Jeju, or wherever the big guns are playing this week, it’s going to be hard to pull up a chair and give Phil Ivey the staredown.

That’s why online poker has been such a game-changer, literally. But with the many options, stakes, games and poker rooms available, having access to poker online doesn’t mean you get to rub digital shoulders with the greats.

Until something like SCOOP comes along. And for players in Ontario, Michigan, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, it comes along next week. Mark your calendars for April 5-22, and sharpen your knives to take on some of the biggest names in your area, and even the world.

Spring Champions

SCOOP or, to give it its full name, the Spring Championship of Online Poker, is a tournament series with a difference. Every year, each event on the packaged schedule comes in a choice of three buy-in levels: Low, Medium and High. And with a SCOOP title carrying serious weight, you’ll often spot some heavyweight names at the tables - no matter which level you’re playing.

Let’s take a look at some of the most successful SCOOP players of recent times.

Benny Glaser at EPT Barcelona 2022

  • Benny Glaser of the UK is currently the joint holder of the most SCOOP titles, with 10 victories since 2016. Glaser’s wins have come across all three buy-in levels, so finding yourself at the table with this five-time WSOP bracelet winner is a real possibility.
  • Calvin Anderson of Oklahoma also has 10 SCOOP titles, and again these have come in every buy-in level from Low to Medium and High. Not only that, but Anderson’s successes have been in multiple games including no-limit hold’em, HORSE, stud, PLO and Razz. He may be fresh from a $1.3m win at WPT Prime, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take him on and win.
  • Germany’s Ole Schemion has over $20m in live tournament earnings, but is a regular at the SCOOP tables too. His 8 SCOOP titles have come in NLHE and PLO events, with the impressive wunderkind picking up three wins in 2022 alone.
  • Mike Watson is currently 5th on Canada’s all-time money list, and as an Ontario resident is someone players may well come across during ‘ONSCOOP’. With 7 SCOOP titles to his name - in six different variants, no less - his is a scalp anyone would be proud to take.

Canadian poker pro Mike Watson

Low, Medium and High: A choice for every tournament

Another element that makes SCOOP such an appealing series to play is the choice of buy-ins. Each tournament on the schedule comes with three levels available.

At the ‘Low’ buy-in level entries can cost as little as $5 up to the $50 mark, usually reserved for the Main Event.

‘Medium’ events generally start at around $20, with the top end of $100-$300 reserved for the bigger guaranteed tourneys such as the Main Event.

‘High’ events have buy-ins which are, well, higher, from around $100 up to $1,000, with the High Main Event coming in at $2.5k.

Notable SCOOP tourneys

While separate - but similar - tournament schedules are running in Ontario, Pennsylvania and the combined player pool of New Jersey/Michigan, each has some tournaments that we’re sure local residents won’t want to miss. Here are a few we recommend setting a reminder for.


Flag of Ontario

  • Event 1: 8-Game Championship, April 5

If hold’em can get a bit samey, check out this mixed game event. Buy-ins are $20/$50/$200, with guarantees of $3k/$5k/$12.5k.

  • Event 5: NLHE 6-Max PKO, April 6

The $5 buy-in for the Low version of this tourney is the cheapest on the schedule, putting a SCOOP title within reach of anyone with a minimum deposit. Buy-ins for Medium and High are $20 and $50 respectively, with guarantees of $2k/$7k/$15k to play for.

  • Event 26: PKO Special Championship, April 14

Sundays are big in online poker, and it’s no different during SCOOP. This one-day event has some tasty guarantees, and with its progressive KOs could prove a great ROI even if you don’t make it past the bubble. Buy-ins are $20/$200/$1k, with guarantees of $17.5k/$100k/$100k.

  • Event 40: The Main Event, April 21

It’s the one they all want to win, with some of the biggest buy-ins and definitely the biggest guaranteed prize pools. Buy-ins are $50/$300/$2.5k, with guarantees set at $45k/$200k/$150k.

You can find the full tournament schedule for ONSCOOP here.


Flag of Pennsylvania

  • Event 7: Sunday Special Championship, April 7

A Sunday tourney with some big prize pools, the Medium and High versions of this one will run with a slow structure - perfect for your ‘day of rest’. Buy-ins are $10/$100/$500, with respective guarantees of $10k/$100k/$75k.

  • Event 11: PLO8, April 8

Mixing it up is often a good idea during a long series, and PLO8 is a great game to mix things up with! Non-hold’em variants will often come with smaller guarantees, but can be easier to win due to their correspondingly smaller fields. Buy-ins are $10/$30/$100, and guarantees are $1.5k/$3.5k/$10k.

  • Event 14: FL 2-7 Triple Draw, April 9, 10 and 16

Most events run their multiple buy-in versions within an hour or so of each other, but this one’s different. If you’re a 2-7 fan you can relax in the knowledge that each version of this event runs on its own day, making it easier to play them all. The High version runs April 9, with a buy-in of $100 and $5k GTD. The Medium runs April 10, with a $30 buy-in and $2k GTD. The Low version takes place on April 16, with $1k GTD for a buy-in of $10.

  • Event 38: The Main Event, April 21

It’s definitely one of the most expensive events in the schedule, but with big guarantees in place it’s not something to skip over. The $300 buy-in Medium edition starts first, with a $225k guarantee; the $50 Low ME starts half an hour later, with $40k GTD; the $2.5k buy-in High runs 30 minutes after that, with $150k guaranteed.

PASCOOP’s full schedule is available here.

New Jersey & Michigan

Flag of New Jersey

  • Event 3: Kickoff Championship, April 6

With some chunky guarantees, a deep run in this early-series event could be great for the bankroll. An 8-Max tourney with buy-ins of $10/$30/$100, and guarantees of $10k/$20k/$60k, this Saturday evening tournament is a great one to kick the series off (see what they did there?)

  • Event 16: 6-Max Turbo Storm, April 10

Turbo tournaments are great for those without the luxury of time, and this fast Wednesday night tourney should allow for a reasonable bedtime. Buy-ins are $10/$30/$100, with $4k/$10k/$17.5k GTD.

Flag of Michigan

  • Event 23: Marathon, April 14

What’s the opposite of a turbo? The Marathon event is aptly named, with a slow structure that should allow for plenty of play and bang for your buck. Speaking of bucks, this one costs $10/$30/$100 to enter, with guarantees of $6k/$10k/$15k.

  • Event 38: The Main Event, April 21

With New Jersey and Michigan sharing player pools, this is the biggest event, with the biggest guarantees, on the entire North American SCOOP schedule. The buy-ins are the same as the PA and ON versions, at $50/$300/$2.5k, but the guarantees are even bigger with $60k/$300k/$150k up for grabs.

The full tourney schedule for New Jersey and Michigan can be found here.

Win your way in to a $100 event with Path to SCOOP

Don’t forget, if you play real money cash games or tournaments at PokerStars you can use your daily Power Path Spin & Go tickets to win entry to a $100 SCOOP event.

Play a single real money hand or tournament to get a free ticket every day, which you can use to register to a Spin & Go awarding SCOOP satellite tickets. PokerStars has added $30k in ticket prizes to the pool, and the promotion will be running throughout SCOOP, so don’t leave those tickets to expire!

Our guide to PokerStars’ Path to SCOOP has more info.

Images courtesy of Danny Maxwell/Tomas Stacha/PokerStars Live