Tony G just had a $3.5 million PLO session on CoinPoker

Jon Pill
Posted on: March 18, 2022 15:40 PDT

Yesterday, Antanas "Tony G" Guoga was on a break from live poker after his showing at the EPT Prague, but that didn't mean he was staying away from the game altogether.

After a long day tending to his alpacas it seems that his preferred way to relax is with a nosebleed session of online PLO. So he jumped into the ₮5,000/₮10,000 pot-limit Omaha game on CoinPoker. He bought into the game for ₮1 million.

After a few hours of nosebleed action, million-dollar pots, and efforts to add a ₮20k straddle, Guoga cashed out from the table for ₮4.47 million.

₮ (Tether) is the standard currency used on CoinPoker. Tether is pegged at $1.00 to ₮1.00. So Tony, having bought in with and cashing out for ₮4.47 million, was looking at a little under $3.5 million profit once he converted it back to U.S fiat.

The channel bCp - Poker Replays streamed some of the action live on YouTube, the recording can be viewed below.

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Record setting hands

Tony G was by no means the only big winner in this game.

Several other players including "CrazyTraider" and "ATAKA", had also worked their stacks up to over $4 million.

As a result, the uncapped pots frequently exceeded $1 million. The swings were eye-watering; over and over, clashes between the big stacks at the table threatened to set new records for online poker pot sizes.

Tony G previously set a record for the largest pot in online poker with a $7.75 million hand in February of 2022 on CoinPoker. This game didn't hit the same levels of degeneracy, but the action was still awe inspiring.

There has been some speculation in the poker community that games of these sizes on CoinPoker are a publicity stunt, with players chopping their wins or scaling profit and losses down after the event.

This uneasiness about the nature of the game might explain why there isn't a line of PLO specialists queuing for staking and seats in the game.

However, there is no real evidence that these games are not what they appear to be. And if they can be taken at face value, then CoinPoker is the semi-regular home of the biggest game on the internet.

More importantly, a frequent, easily railable table with $6-$20 million on the felt can only be good for the game and makes for some exciting viewing.

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Featured image source: screen capture from Youtube