WPN CEO Phil Nagy staking 6 players in Venom PKO to raise money to fight breast cancer

Venom PKO
Dave Consolazio Poker Writer Photo
Dave Consolazio
Posted on: September 19, 2021 18:53 PDT

Americas Cardroom’s $5 Million Guaranteed Venom PKO Tournament kicked off on Friday, September 17 with Day 1A, the first of four scheduled Day 1’s in the event. The tournament continues with Day 1B on Sunday, September 19, Day 1C the following Friday, and Day 1D on Sunday. WPN CEO Phil Nagy announced on Saturday that he intends to stake six players in the tournament in an effort to raise money and awareness to fight breast cancer.

“Most who know me will vouch that I love giving people an opportunity and I do my best to support noble causes,” Nagy tweeted on Saturday. “I’m looking to stake six people to play in this week’s Venom PKO. Profit split: 50% to the player, and 50% to breast cancer awareness.”

“Post a video blog of whatever you want that will make me want to stake you,” Nagy continued in his next tweet. “Tag and follow and please retweet for awareness! Winners will be chosen on September 23rd.”

Nagy’s original tweet has received over 70 retweets and 200 likes at the time of this publication. It has also received a number of video entries on Twitter from around the world. Some of these entries opt for humor, while others take on a more serious tone. But one recurring theme is that most of the entrants have had to deal with the fight against cancer intimately, through their own fight or through the fight of a loved one.

An opportunity to raise serious money

Entries into the Venom PKO Tournament cost $2,650. Many players are able to earn an entry at a much lower buy-in thanks to a large schedule of satellite tournaments that feed in to ACR’s popular event. The popularity of this event coupled with these satellite tournaments have created some massive prize pools.

In the last Venom PKO tournament earlier this year, ‘Rydo’ won $738,134 for his first place finish, and was one of six players to earn a six-figure cash. The tournament shattered its guaranteed prize pool of $5 million with 2,864 entries generating a prize pool of $7,160,000. The 2020 version of The Venom PKO in October also exceeded its $5 million guarantee with a $6,777,500 prize pool.

Nagy’s staking deal of six players at $2,650 per player will cost $15,900. If one or more of the six players staked in the event make a deep run with plenty of knockouts along the way, this promotion could raise thousands of dollars for a great cause. Video entries are still being accepted for those interested in entering the contest.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter - ACR_POKER