Introducing: PokerOrg Heaters & Coolers

Posted on: April 30, 2023 08:04 PDT

For the past couple of months, the people inside the PokerOrg offices have been like most of you who keep up with the poker world's news. Our discussions are like yours--what's good, what's bad, and most of all what's the best and worst of what we've been seeing. Over time, these discussions evolved into an informal, unscientific, and occasionally quite irreverent assessment of these items. It occurred to the team one day that there wasn't any reason we couldn't start sharing these metrics with our readers.

We bounced this idea around for a little while and--quite honestly--by complete coincidence decided about a week ago to start sharing this with you today. Little did we know the week we just lived would be ripe for our pseudo-science.

So, with that, we offer Heaters & Coolers, the PokerOrg staff's very official, deeply-studied, very presumptuous, highly not-at-all scientific delve into the week that was, what was hot, what was not, and what would make a block of dry ice think, "Man, I'm burning up."

Our thoughts on the week? How about the World Poker Tour event at Seminole? Crushing the guarantee in the first flight? Slow down, folks! You're making us all look lazy.

Everyone except Patrick Leonard, of course, who decided to put his spine into this week's effort and went back-to-back in the $109 Sunday Party. Give that ambassador a raise!

Meanwhile, speaking of ambassadors for the game, a tip of the hat to Tom Wheaton over at Above the Felt. If he can somehow avoid getting caught up in between husband and wife, he's got a winner with the Galfond power duo.

It's not all heat, however. Bally's Horsheshoe was getting all the smoke in the run-up to the WSOP. Phil Hellmuth is the unluckiest guy in the world (but he's really making this " leaving fashionably early" thing catch on).

Meanwhile, the High Stakes Poker Season 11 premiere was, in a word, loud. Maybe it was, you know, too much Pinot, Airball?