Poker media rallies around Mickey Doft’s run

Jeff McMillan
Posted on: June 11, 2023 10:15 PDT

Mickey Doft has long been a part of poker media, live reporting a mutinied of events for a variety of poker media services.

For us in poker media, it is always fun and inspiring to see a fellow media member make a deep run in an event as a player. And on Saturday and Sunday, Doft did just that with a 12th place finish in Event: #24: $1,500 Razz for $7,367 as he made the final day in what is his favorite game variant that he has made his specialty over the years.

I personally do not know Doft as well as many do, as there are many in the poker world who could share countless stories. I just remember when I started in poker media in 2019, I quickly learned the name “Mickey Doft” and how he was pretty much the standard for poker live reporting.  

I deferred to my PokerOrg colleagues who have had long histories with him for some interview questions to ask him before he took the felt today. Some more reflective and some fun ones from his poker adventures.

Doft admitted that he is not as active on Twitter as some of his colleagues but still appreciated all the love he received through each tweet that wished him luck or reflected on his run.