Online Finale Circuit Event 11 taken by “macallan25” for $51,000

Posted on: June 15, 2020 10:30 PDT

The online poker player is glad he bought the $320 buy-in as he takes home a massive award

Poker players in Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware are in the middle of the Online Finale Circuit Series, which is offering 12 events for which a Circuit ring will be awarded to the event winners. Last Saturday night, the attention was for Event #11: $150,000 GTD Online Finale Circuit NLH Double Stack 2x Re-entry, which featured a $320 buy-in that ended up surpassing the guarantee for a final prize pool of $208,500. In the end, the last man standing was "macallan25," who topped the field and got the top prize of $51,082, a WSOP Circuit ring and a guaranteed spot at the online Global Casino Championship.

This event registered a total of 449 players and 246 extra rebuys for a total of 695 entries paid. The prize pool collected was distributed among the top 75 top players with minimum cash starting at $667. The final table was full of talented players like Robert "bobeads" Mather, who finished second and got $28,668, and the third place was conquered by Raymond "igivbadbeats" Palmieri, who took home $17,514. Other names in the final table were Rafael "sosana" Perry and Kyle "Kdruck" Draucker.

Some other good players were able to cash from the event, even though they weren't able to make it to the final table. For instance, Shaun "nyjets23" O'Donnell (16th place - $1,668), Andrew "randylerch" Kelsall (28th place - $834), Timothy "valuebet" Rhoda (49th place - $708), and Kevin "TheRealKG" Gerhart (73rd place - $667). Some other big names weren't able to make it to the money like Jose "deposit" Noboa (76th place), David "TheClubber" Larson (90th place), Darren "avocadotoast" Rabinowitz (143rd place) and Jeff "mavsusc" Platt (114th place).