PokerStars is taking advantage of micro stakes players

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Posted on: June 11, 2020 6:40 pm EDT

The always-controversial poker site has found a new way to take a bigger rake in small game

The market leader in online poker service has come under fire several times over the last few years after several changes that weren’t well perceived by most users. Now, PokerStars just announced the introduction of a trial change for the $2 No-Limit -$10 No-Limit Zoom games, which will begin to include antes. The main concern is that by making the starting pot bigger, the average final pot will also be bigger; therefore, there will be more rake paid.

This is not a very surprising move coming from PokerStars, as it keeps making these types of changes to take advantage of poker players and pull more rake in. Just a few months ago, the online poker site set a limit of four reg tables, which sent a lot of regulars to switch to use the Zoom pool. Now that more players are playing Zoom games, PokerStars is collecting nothing but benefits from these added antes.

It seems like this platform is doing everything it can for players not to win. For instance, the Spin & Go concept comes with massive variance so winning is really hard. Also, it seems more like a rake factory than anything else. Now, regular sit & go’s seem impossible to play for a living at small stakes like some people did before. This move from PokerStars seems like an effort to collect all those funds from recreational players that would typically go to regular winners.