Pombriant, ‘khurizma’, Riordan win bracelets as domestic WSOP Online series begins

Haley Hintze
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Posted on: September 13, 2023 2:28 pm EDT

The first three World Series of Poker gold bracelets in the US domestic portion of the sprawling WSOP Online series have been claimed, with Joseph Pombriant, “khurizma”, and John Riordan each posting their first career bracelet wins.

Pombriant wins Kickoff event

Pombriant, a WSOP.com regular under his “Maverick_” account, took down the first event of the 33 bracelet events being offered. Pombriant topped an 838-entry field to win Event #1, the $400 NLH Series Kickoff, to claim his first career bracelet and a $59,973.98 payday.

Pombriant, a native of Virginia, finished off former Circuit ring winner Michael “Annie_R_U_OK” Trivett to secure the victory, leaving Trivett to collect the $37,076.47 second-place payout. Four-time bracelet winner Nick Schulman finished third for $25,944.48.

Overall, 126 players cashed in an event that built a $301,680 prize pool. The final-table finishers and payouts in Event #1 were as follows:

  1. Joseph “Maverick_” Pombriant – $59,973.98
  2. Michael “Annie_R_U_OK” Trivett – $37,076.47
  3. Nick “cashusklay” Schulman – $25,944.48
  4. Jonathan “stoebdaddy” Stoeber – $18,432.64
  5. JJ “artiliu” Liu – $13,432.64
  6. Jordyn “ThLastCrdBndr” Miller – $9,714.09
  7. Riley “poker_ginger” Stahley – $7,210.15
  8. Alex “rip_neiko” Rocha – $5,430.24
  9. Eddie “TeddySarreal” Arroyo – $4,163.18

‘khurizma’ claims $2K NLH gold

In Event #2, $2,000 No-Limit Hold’em, an as-yet-unidentified player participating from New Jersey, “khurizma”, claimed the bracelet victory. Khurizma topped a 184-entry field to collect $86,767.96 in an event that offered a $340,400 prize pool. Three-time bracelet winner Shankar “Burgersssss” Pillai earned $53,613 while just missing career bracelet #4. Jon “London_Jon” Shoreman took third for $36,835.32. (“khurizma” was later identified as Collin Ball.)

The final-table finishers and payouts in Event #2 were as follows:

  1. Collin “khurizma” Ball – $86,767.96
  2. Shankar “Burgersssss” Pillai – $53,613
  3. Jon “London_Jon” Shoreman – $36,865.32
  4. Krista “Pollux” Gifford – $25,836.36
  5. Robert “Binkwen” Nelson – $18,483.72
  6. David “drwingdead” Botcowsky – $13,684.08
  7. Ryan “DDDDDDDDream” Andrada – $10,246.04
  8. Ryan “bitc0in” Riess – $7,659
  9. John “macallan25” Riordan – $5,957

Riordan tops Riess and Platt in NLH 6-Max High Roller

Just two days after John “macallan25” Riordan and 2013 WSOP Main Event winner Ryan “bitc0in” Riess made the final in Event #2, they returned to another final table and battled for the gold in Event #3, $400 NLH High Roller 6-Max. Florida’s Riordan, a five-time Circuit ring winner, got the best of Riess here to earn his first WSOP bracelet while extending Riess’s decade-long search for a second bracelet.

Riordan earned $112,227.68 for the win, while Riess collected 473,324.80 for the near miss. Well-known poker personality Jeff “mavsusc” Platt finished third for $47,864, while 2020 WSOP.com Player of the Year Yong “Luckyspewy1” Kwon took fourth for $34,829.28.

The Event #3 high roller drew 90 players and 134 total entries to create a $407,360 prize pool. The final-table finishers and payouts in Event #3 were as follows:

  1. John “macallan25” Riordan – $112,227.68
  2. Ryan “bitc0in” Riess – $73,324.80
  3. Jeff “mavsusc” Platt – $47,864.80
  4. Yong “Luckyspewy1” Kwan – $34,829.28
  5. Kenny “Chopuh” Huynh – $25,663.68
  6. Aram “X69Podheiser” Zobian – $19,553.28