Popular eSports streaming platform Twitch announces new subscriber tiers

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Posted on: July 7, 2020 6:23 pm EDT

The platform is adding new features as the streaming wars continue to heat up

Twitch, one of the most popular platforms for eSports streaming, is evolving its participation in the community through a new way for creators to give back to their biggest supporters. The Amazon-owned platform is adding new benefits to its Tier Two and Tier Three subscribers. Those benefits include the addition of more emote slots, extra flare for those higher tier subscribers, among other things.

“Showing next-level support for your favorite streamers just got even better. New Tier 2 and Tier 3 benefits are here, including extra emotes, emote modifiers, and brand-new Badge Flair to stand out in chat!” announced Twitch on social media. These new benefits give creators the ability to add four more emotes to both Tier Two and Tier Three listings. This is quite an improvement given that before this, there was only one single exclusive emote that could only be unlocked by higher levels.

On top of that, those same subscribers will get unlimited access to Partner-selected modified emote filters – these are another great feature that were only available by unlocking them through Channel Points. These modified emote filters come with options for partners, who can choose from Grayscale, Horizontal Flip, Pinch, Shades, and Think modifiers, so viewers can interact more and customize their own emotes.

As of now, Tier Two will come with one emote modifier filter, and Tier Three will have two. Another good thing is that the modifiers can be quickly accessed just by holding down the chosen emote, which will open a sub-menu that will display all the available filters. Added to that, a Badge Flair will be displayed on the channel’s Sub Badge as a way for those who support more to get more recognition among normal subscribers.