Reality TV star vs live & online crushers: 5 to watch at WPT World Championship Day 5

Mo Afdhal
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Posted on: December 19, 2023 2:57 pm EST

The WPT World Championship kicks off with Day 5 action at midday, with just 45 players remaining from a field of 3,835 entrants. Those players still in the hunt have locked up $111,300 for their efforts thus far, but will all have their eyes on the $5,678,000 top prize.

PokerOrg will continue to bring you all the latest, up-to-the-minute coverage via our Instant Feed, and ahead of the shuffle-up-and-deal, here are the players to watch.

1. Princess Love

Princess Love, a wildly popular reality TV star on the show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood and wife of R&B singer Ray-J, has made quite a splash in the poker world recently. At the StormX Invitational back in September, Love finished in 2nd place for $80,156, her largest-ever live tournament cash at the time.

Now, she’s locked up a new personal best payday and still has millions of dollars to play for. Love’s chip stack–3,625,000–may be on the shorter side of the averages, but she’s made it this far for a reason and a spin-up can happen at any moment. Her 3.8 million Instagram followers will be willing it to happen. She’s sat next to the only other woman left in the field today, and you can read more about her below.

2. The Foxens

Alex Foxen and Kristen Foxen, the end-bosses of the poker couples subsection of the community, are both still in the running headed into Day 5.

After sitting next to one another at the feature table on yesterday’s live stream, the Foxens have a reprieve from one another on Day 5, which might save a few arguments later on.

Imagine if they both made the final table? There’s a bonding experience most married couples wouldn’t even think to dream about.

It’s not out of the realm of possibility, but it won’t be easy. Alex has some work to do with his 4,425,000 remaining chips, but Kristen’s 10,300,000 chips have her sitting somewhat comfortably. They have made it heads-up before, but not for this sort of money.

3. Chris Moorman

Chris Moorman, an online poker legend hailing from the United Kingdom, may be the most well-known player on this list.

Moorman crushes not only the online streets–he’s the all-time leader in online earnings–but also in the live realm, with a WSOP bracelet to his name and over $6,000,000 in live tournament cashes. Currently, Moorman represents ACR Poker as one of its Team Pros, alongside his wife, poker professional Katie Lindsay.

With 10,200,000 chips, Moorman finds himself in a great spot to make an even deeper run, but will have to contend with fellow Brit Ben Heath, one half of the Foxen duo and Princess Love at his table today.

4. Mark ‘Moustache Mark’ Mounsey

Mark ‘Moustache Mark’ Mounsey from Calgary, Canada is your chip leader and he’s not phased about it at all. He might not have many live cashes–$33,000 in total–but he’s played a lot online and he’s treating this in just the same way.

Mark Mounsey WPT World Championship

We caught up with him last night after he bagged the biggest and he was remarkably chilled about the whole deal.

“I’m feeling pretty good considering I’m in on a satellite,” he said. “Honestly, I don’t feel many nerves, I’ve played tens of thousands of tournaments online so to me it’s just another tournament, just with a lot more money up top. I’ll just go back to my room, order some food, watch a movie, go to sleep and wake up and do it all over again.”

It’s exactly the right attitude, but would you be able to treat leading in the final 45 here, with $5,678,000 up top, the same way you play a $215 online? We’ll be keeping a very close eye on Mounsey today.

5. Ren Lin

Ren Lin has emerged as one of poker’s most entertaining personalities over the last few years. His talkative, engaging play style tends to be a hit amongst both audiences and players alike. While he might not appear the most serious at the table, he’s a machine when it comes to live tournaments–nearly $8,000,000 in live cashes, good for third on China’s all-time money list.

Lin represents GGPoker as a member of its GGTeam China and has become a near-permanent fixture in the PokerGO Studio, with his No Gamble, No Future philosophy taking the Studio by storm.

Lin’s disarming presence at the table has served him well thus far and his 17,750,000 chips provides him with plenty of ammunition to battle with later today.

Day 5 table and seat draw

212-1Cedric Schwaederle7,200,000
212-3Sergio Castellucio 8,275,000
212-3James Chen9,000,000
212-4Henrique Zanetti 7,450,000
212-5Paulius Vaitiekunas5,800,000
212-7Young Eum8,250,000
212-8Ben Jacobs16,425,000
213-1Georgios Sotiropoulos7,950,000
213-2Ardit Kurshumi3,075,000
213-3Daniel Sepiol2,800,000
213-4Eric Blair4,675,000
213-5Krisztian Ferenc Torok3,675,000
213-6Robert Georato9,425,000
213-7Mateus Carrion8,100,000
213-8Andrei Boghean6,800,000
214-1Bodgan Chornyy3,225,000
214-2Roberto Romanello4,050,000
214-3Jason Min5,675,000
214-4Ade Olonoh7,300,000
214-5Mihai Ilioi2,600,000
214-6Ankit Ahuja6,950,000
214-7Mark Mounsey18,725,000
214-8Alex Foxen4,425,000
222-1Artur Martirosian11,250,000
222-2Maria Navarro12,225,000
222-3Neel Murthy5,000,000
222-4Noel Rodriguez13,925,000
222-5Alex Jauregui12,075,000
222-7Raphael Blouet17,450,000
222-8John Richards6,950,000
223-1Viet Vo2,200,000
223-2Andres Campero5,175,000
223-3Ren Lin17,750,000
223-4Simone Adrian3,200,000
223-5Andrew Lichtenberger11,100,000
223-7Tjan Tepeh9,475,000
223-8Naj Ajez14,600,000
224-1Ben Heath16,600,000
224-2Carl Shaw3,350,000
224-3Chris Moorman10,200,000
224-4Maxime Chilaud17,900,000
224-5Robert Gentile5,550,000
224-6Princess Love3,625,000
224-7Kristen Foxen10,300,000
224-8Robert McLaughlin6,225,000

Day 5 of the WPT World Championship kicks off at 12:00pm PT, with a live stream on the WPT YouTube channel starting at 2:00pm PT.