RunGood Poker Series coming to SoCal, Iowa in June

Jon Sofen
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Posted on: April 21, 2021 1:26 am EDT

The new RunGood Poker Series is coming to San Diego, California and Council Bluffs, Iowa, both events in June. Details on the mid-stakes series haven’t been announced, but an official announcement is “coming soon,” according to a Twitter post.

RunGood originally started as a poker apparel company. The business still puts out some stylish clothes, including hats, shirts, and other merchandise. It has since evolved into a full-on poker brand, offering poker tournaments all around the country.

The Heartland Poker Tour, a popular poker tour in the Midwest, is closing shop according to reports. That paves the way for newer poker brands to capture the mid-stakes audience. That is where RunGood comes into play with its upcoming series of events.

The first event takes place June 8-13 at the Jamul Casino in sunny San Diego. The second event this summer is scheduled to be hosted at the Horseshoe Casino in Council Buffs, Iowa June 22-27. Details on both events are forthcoming.

The Iowa series should attract a large crowd, given the tournament dates. During the series across the Missouri River in Omaha, Nebraska, thousands of baseball fans will be in town for the College World Series, some of whom just might wander back across the border to Iowa to play some poker.

Council Bluffs is quietly one of the top places to play poker in the Midwest, and the Horseshoe Casino, a Caesars Entertainment-owned property, is the most popular place to play in the area. Jamul Casino, along with Ocean’s 11 in Oceanside, is one of the fan-favorite places to play poker in the San Diego area.

Vaccinated population is good for poker

Over half the United States has received the COVID-19 vaccine. Whether you believe the vaccines are necessary or safe, the inoculations are good news for the live poker scene. As more people continue to get vaccinated, we’ll begin to see more events such as the RunGood Poker Series pop up here in the U.S.

Poker Central, which owns the PokerGO app, had a partnership with the RunGood Poker Series in 2020, right up until the global health pandemic struck. Four events all across the U.S., including one in Council Bluffs, took place in February and March 2020, with live-streams airing on PokerGO. Four additional events later in the year were scheduled but canceled due to COVID-19.

Future events for the RunGood Poker Series haven’t been scheduled, and we don’t have details on the specific tournaments for the upcoming series in Iowa and California. But given that millions are already vaccinated, and more on the way, and thousands of poker fans are hungry to get some action, it’s likely there will be announcements of additional future events soon.

Before hopping into the mix and traveling to a RunGood Poker Series, make sure you brush up on your poker strategy. You can never be too prepared for a poker tournament.

Featured image source: Twitter