StormX enters cryptocurrency partnership with PokerGO

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Posted on: January 11, 2022 11:57 pm EST

PokerGO announced that it will be joining forces with StormX today. The online streaming platform has named StormX as the company’s first and exclusive cryptocurrency partner.

The deal will see the two companies put on joint sweepstakes and giveaways with prizes ranging from crypto coins to PokerGO subscriptions.

There will also be the usual range of promotional materials on display during PokerGO programming, starting with the PokerGO Tour’s Stairway to Millions which runs from tomorrow (January 12) until January 20, 2022.

The companies also plan to put on an annual tourney in the PokerGO studio. The event will bring together prominent figures from the worlds of poker, crypto, and celebrity-dom. The event will have a charity element, funding STEM initiatives in, of all places, Miami.

“The popularity of Poker is widely embraced within cryptocurrency communities,” Simon Yu, CEO and Co-Founder of StormX, told the press. “We partnered with industry leader PokerGO to help increase the brand position of StormX as we strive to reach new users and further the advancement of crypto.”

Exclusive crypto partners

The popularity thing cuts both ways. Poker players, as a group, are crypto mad. That’s something PokerGO CEO, Mori Eskandani was keen to point out.

“Cryptocurrency is very much a part of the global poker community,” Eskandani said. “And this exciting new partnership opens up a variety of opportunities that allow us to provide enhanced value to our loyal audience.

“We look forward to working with StormX over the next few years starting with PokerGO’s Stairway To Millions.”

PokerGO is the biggest thing in poker content now.

The company currently has the rights for all the once and future WSOP tourneys, High Stakes Poker, and Poker After Dark. Plus, PokerGO has had a ton of success with its own programming like High Stakes Duel, a show in which players tried and failed to beat-up on Phil Hellmuth at heads up no limit hold’em.

StormX, on the other hand, is likely to be an unfamiliar entity to most readers. It is a relatively new app (and Chrome extension) that works mostly like a standard cashback program. The twist is that your cashback comes in the form of cryptocurrency instead of fiat. StormX even has a credit card for US users (with a European card in the works).

As well as cashback from shopping, StormX also allows some cashback from staking. That is a feature that makes it a good fit for the poker world.

This could be a big deal for StormX.

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