Super Bowl streaker did so to rig a bet

Jon Pill
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Posted on: February 20, 2021 2:00 pm EST

Yuri Andrade was arrested for trespassing at the Super Bowl, after he hurled himself over the barricades and got tackled like a WR by stadium security in the end zone.

The pink swimsuit clad streaker — if you can call someone who keeps it that PG a streaker — seemed at first to be a simple moment of male semi-nudity. He wasn’t even particularly out of place in the homoerotic arena of twenty-two men in lycra hurling themselves atop one another.

But the logo on the pink swimsuit turned out to be just the first in a number of twists that came to light. A conspiracy was laid bare over the following days that included porn-stars, pranksters, and a third of a million dollars in prop bets.

Andrade pulled this stunt during a pandemic, waving his mask about while State Troopers brought him down almost on the touchdown line. As well as putting others in harm’s way for some free publicity, it turns out he also put down $50,000 on there being a streaker at the game. That’s a rigged bet, and he is having some trouble getting paid for it.

A conspiracy of dunces

The stunt seems to have been orchestrated by ex-porn actor and bad-taste YouTube prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy. Zdorovetskiy owns an adult film site called Vitaly Uncensored. It was Vitaly Uncensored that provided the branded swimming costume to Andrade. And it was Vitaly Uncensored’s logo that the Super Bowl camera’s cut away from when Andrade got his cleats into the grass.

Zdorovetskiy has pulled this kind of stunt before, having his then-girlfriend Kinsey Wolanski streak at the cricket world cup in 2019. She was wearing the same branded swim-suit, though that time it was in black. Wolanski pulled the look off (as it were) rather better than Andrade did.

It appears Zdorovetskiy paid for Andrade’s ticket and tweeted “We f***ing did it,” shortly after the event. He also allegedly covered Andrade’s $500 bail.

Would have gotten away with it too…

A few hours after making bail, Andrade publicly bragged that not only had he given his friend’s website some free publicity but he had put $50,000 down with Bovada on there being a streaker at the Super Bowl.

He should have waited until he had collected his $374,000 payout before speaking up. Instead, he shot his mouth off and hit his own foot. Seeing the bet was rigged, Bovada is refusing to pay out.

Andrade has not decided whether he will contest the trespassing charge.

This is not Zdorovetskiy’s first run-in with the law.

Zdorovetskiy’s YouTube presence was largely based around a particular kind of humorless cruelty. This included staging a terrorist attack and creating a zombie prank based on the actual murder of a homeless man in Miami. The first of these won him some criminal charges.

Zdorovetskiy has also drawn trespassing charges for climbing the D of the Hollywood sign (Bojack, eat your heart out) and the Great Pyramid of Giza. But his most notable previous charge was when he gave a female jogger ten stitches, in a seemingly motiveless attack.

Unsurprisingly, in Florida, Andrade and Zdorovetskiy are heroes.

Featured image source: Twitter