Game of Gold set for Season 2 return

Mo Afdhal
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Posted on: February 9, 2024 4:13 pm EST

Game of Gold, the smash-hit poker reality show from GGPoker and Poker After Dark will return for a second season following near-universal praise for Season One. GGPoker released a Game of Gold reunion show today on their YouTube channel that ended with the show’s host, Jeff Platt, announcing the return of Game of Gold.

“I can tell you that Season Two of Game of Gold is official. So, the production process has already begun there, taping has already started–with a brand new cast,” Platt said, much to the shock of those around the table. He went on to clarify that the last part, about the show being in production, was said in jest. The real news–that the show will make its return–was no joke, however.

The reunion show featured a number of the original cast members, including the reigning champion Maria Ho, looking back on the show as a whole and their own performances. Players also had a chance to explain some of the choices made throughout the show.

Game of Gold winner Maria Ho

Daniel Negreanu touched on his disappointment after his team was the first to face elimination, but also expressed how much he enjoyed being a fan and covering the show via his DAT Poker Podcast recaps.

Johan “YoH Viral” Guilbert explained how he felt in the moment when Dan “Jungleman” Cates launched a verbal tirade at him backstage in the team room.

“If there was no camera, I would not be chill like that,” the Frenchman said.

Kyna England shared her initial apprehension about appearing on the show as one of the players with less experience in the live poker streets, but once in the game, “It was fun, it was a cool experience overall and I’m really glad I got to participate.”

You can hear more from these players, plus many more, by watching the Game of Gold reunion show, check it out below!

Hopefully, more information on Season Two will come in the following months, keep an eye on this space for all the latest Game of Gold updates. This article has been edited to clarify that production hasn’t started on Season 2.