Tweets of the week: The best of Poker Twitter Dec. 14-20

Geoff Fisk
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Posted on: December 20, 2020 2:15 am EST

Kessler, Kornuth, Brill send in some of this week’s best Poker Twitter posts

The poker community never disappoints when it comes to Twitter content. The social media commentary that takes place within the poker universe makes “Poker Twitter” a one-of-a-kind entity, crossing the realms of sports, general life discussion, ethics, and pop culture.

Let’s take a look at some of the best tweets from the poker community for Dec. 14-20.

Allen Kessler’s ethical dilemma

What’s the best way to handle the situation when a live poker tournament appears to be heading toward an overlay?

Allen “Chainsaw” Kessler opened up a debate on the topic with a Thursday tweet that didn’t mention a specific tournament. It sounded, however, like Kessler had come across the rare situation where a casino poker tournament didn’t draw enough players to meet the guarantee, resulting in a chance at “free money” for players that did show up:

“I’m torn. If I know of a probable overlay situation in Vegas, is the correct play to post the information so others can take advantage, or to keep silent so those registered can take advantage?” tweeted Kessler.

Jared Jaffee doesn’t think there’s too much to think over in Kessler’s situation.

“You don’t post it on twitter. How is this even a debate,” Jaffee tweeted.

Not all responses in the Kessler thread agreed with “The Tuna” however. Poker blogger ‘Robvegaspoker’ chimed in with an opinion that informing others about the overlay was the right move for the long-term viability of the game.

“Come on Allen you know the correct answer. Post it far and wide,” responded Rob. “Not only to help out your fellow poker players but to help the poker room. Without poker rooms, there is no poker, and you’d have to get a real job.”

Weekend well wishes from Veronica Brill

Veronica Brill greeted the poker community with a Friday morning tweet delving into the very nature of reality:

“Just a reminder that you are probably a bunch of code in a sim and you are completely alone, your friends and family are just a cause or response to you for data mining purposes and your life is essentially meaningless from an objective perspective. Have a wonderful weekend!” tweeted Brill.

Brill’s post scores points for ending on a positive note, and at least she wishes us well on our weekend adventures.

Ryan Josephine Kornuth comes into the world

High-stakes pro Chance Kornuth took a break from the Galfond Challenge to welcome a new addition to the family:

“Please welcome to the world Ryan Josephine Kornuth!” posted Kornuth, with hundreds of supporters liking and commenting with congratulations on the new family member.

While Poker Twitter can often be a tense battleground of opinions, Kornuth’s post provided a dose of positivity in the turbulent times of 2020.

Featured image source: Flickr/World Poker Tour