Tweets of the Week: The best of Poker Twitter for March 1-5

Geoff Fisk
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Posted on: March 8, 2021 5:02 pm EST

Moneymaker, Junior Veldhuis, and an all-time great fold make this week’s list of top poker tweets

Poker Twitter plays out as top-level theater, as the poker community proves its mastery of the world’s most popular social media platform week after week.

The first week of March saw poker legend Chris Moneymaker flexing his chess ability, while prolific poker streamer Lex Veldhuis welcomed a new addition to the world.

Doug Polk provided commentary on his own poker prowess, chiming in on a play that could stand as the greatest fold in the History of High Stakes Poker.

Let’s take a look at poker’s best tweets from March 1-5:

Chris Moneymaker is ready to claim major chess victory

Chess pro Hikaru Nakamura made an announcement Thursday regarding an upcoming charity chess event. The Joker’s Gambit event will feature poker pros playing in a two-day tournament, with the aim of raising money for charity:

The event poster features a who’s who of poker, including Daniel Negreanu, Fedor Holz, Liv Boeree, Ben “Spraggy” Spragg, and Moneymaker himself, among others.

While that lineup forms a formidable roster of poker competition, Moneymaker isn’t scared:

“Honestly only one person scares me in this lineup. Although I do not know a few of them. Seems pretty easy,” tweeted Moneymaker.

That proclamation by Moneymaker prompted this exchange between the 2003 WSOP Main Event champion and fellow poker icon Daniel Negreanu:

“Damn bro, how good are you?” asked Negreanu.

“Hover between 1200 and 1300. Not great by any stretch of the imagination but look at that pic. Outside [of] @Liv_Boeree not that many brain cells,” responded Moneymaker.

“You make a very good point,” replied Negreanu.

Doug Polk’s favorite fold ever

Doug Polk correctly folded the second nuts in a six-figure pot on Wednesday’s episode of High Stakes Poker. The hand is making the rounds in poker media, as the poker community discusses whether Polk’s play represents the greatest fold in the history of the show.

Polk himself places the fold against Hellmuth as a top career moment:

“T7 fold on J98 vs Hellmuths QT on tonight’s ep of high stakes poker is my favorite fold I’ve made in my entire career,” Polk tweeted Wednesday. “Imagine making like 15bb here,” Polk added later.

Hellmuth’s $97,200 overbet three-bet raise didn’t work out quite like the “Poker Brat” probably wanted it to, but he did at least win the “15bb.”

Lex Veldhuis welcomes a new addition

Lex Veldhuis added to his ranks this week, potentially introducing a future Poker Streamer Hall of Famer to the world:

“Wednesday 3-3-2021 our baby boy Navi Bastian Veldhuis made it to the world safe and sound (mostly cause his mom is incredible). Myrthe is in good health too. I will take all of March off for parental leave to experience every moment with this little guy. See you guys soon<3,” tweeted Veldhuis Wednesday.

Veldhuis’ Twitch followers will likely see the birth of Navi Bastian as an acceptable reason for Veldhuis to take some well-deserved time off.

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