Unibet Poker unveils upgrades in latest software update

Geoff Fisk
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Posted on: September 29, 2020 11:31 pm EDT

Version 3 of the international online poker client makes its debut

Unibet Poker released Version 3 of its online poker client, with upgrades abounding across many aspects of the platform. Unibet teased various parts of the new and improved poker client on poker forums over the past few weeks.

The newest Unibet software update went live last week and is the first major upgrade for the poker client since November 2016. The upgrade takes place amid the €1,000,000 Unibet Poker Online Series IX, which runs through Oct. 14.

With that major tournament series in full swing, many of the upgrades coming forth from the new version of the software are aimed at the site’s multi-table tournament offerings. Some of the improvements Unibet players can find on the new software include:

Estimated duration time for tournaments — Multi-table tournaments often run for many hours, but the total time needed to play a tournament from start to (hopefully) a win varies dramatically across different events. Unibet Poker Version 3 lists an estimated duration time for all events in the tournament lobby. This tool can be especially helpful for players grinding multiple tournaments with different start times throughout the day.

Six-minute breaks — A PokerNews article authored by Unibet Poker sponsored player Ian Simpson lauds Unibet’s new six-minute tournament breaks as one of the best parts of the software update. As online tournament players know, the standard five-minute break at the end of every hour does seem to go by quickly.

Separate window for tournament lobbies — This new feature allows players to open up a tournament lobby in a different window from the actual tournament action. It also allows for better organization of real-time action and lobbies, as well as a much-improved way to keep an eye on multiple games at the same time.

Color-coded bets — Raises, calls, and folds, now all display in different colors on the updated Unibet client. You’ll know in an instant if the bet in front of you was a raise or a call, another practical tool for multi-tabling players.

Different themes can be used on different tables — This is yet another major plus for the new Unibet software, as tournament players can keep track of different games by using different themes on each table.

Mobile players can use the Unibet Poker app, or play on browser — The Unibet Poker client can now be accessed on mobile devices via browser. The Android and iOS Unibet Poker app also still works as well, but even if you can’t download those apps you’ll still be able to play on Unibet.

€1,000,000 Unibet Poker Online Series IX running through Oct. 14

Tournament players can use the new Unibet Poker interface as they grind through the Unibet Poker Online Series IX, currently underway and running until Oct. 14.

The series includes the four-event 2020 Unibet Open Online, which could be considered the main events of the series. The biggest prize pool tournament across the 132-event schedule takes place on Oct. 11.

That tournament comes in the form of the €1,100 buy-in  E129 UOS Unibet Open Online High event. The two-day tournament promises at least a €250,000 prize pool.

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