Viffer vs. Airball: Royal Flush freeroll on Bally Live Poker

Mo Afdhal
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Posted on: February 5, 2024 9:30 am EST

Saturday’s game on Bally Live Poker lived up to the hype. The action provided tons of great hands and the table dynamic played out well. There are a few hands in particular worth noting.

The first hand of note started with an UTG limp, surprisingly, from Nik “Airball” Arcot, setting the trap with a premium hand: A♣ K♣. Eric Persson raises with two cards and gets two calls, the notable one coming from David “Viffer” Peat, holding A❤️ K♦️. The action returns to Airball and he springs the trap, raising to $15,000. Persson clears out and Kirk calls again, but then Viffer ships it, thinking he’s sprung a trap of his own.

Airball calls, of course, and they decide to run two full boards for the $156,800 pot and, well, check out the video below to see the run outs.

Airball’s Royal Flush earned him three quarters of the pot and crippled Viffer’s stack, forcing him to add on to continue battling.

There’s another hand between Viffer and Airball in this video that warrants mentioning–it’s not as eye-catching as the Royal Flush pot, but it’s a cool display of old-school table antics.

Viffer turns Broadway against Airball’s middle pair and bets out, securing a little value. Then, on the river, Viffer bets two times the pot, sending Airball into the tank. As he’s thinking, Viffer flashes him one of his cards. It’s clearly an intentional move–he flashes the card three times–meant to goad Airball into calling the bet. And it works to perfection.

Viffer ended the night with a $3,800 loss, but at these stakes that’s essentially breaking even. Plus, with a 44% VPIP, he wasn’t sitting on the sidelines by any means–he came to battle and battle he did.

The full replay of Saturday night’s action remains available on the Bally Live Poker YouTube channel.