Vince Van Patten to star in new indie sitcom ‘Duke of the Valley’

Jon Sofen
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Posted on: October 27, 2020 8:11 pm EDT

Vince Van Patten, a long-time actor, is back in a new starring role. The World Poker Tour announcer is starring in the upcoming half-hour series, “Duke of the Valley,” an Indie sitcom.

Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner, will co-star along with the poker player. Van Patten’s family will also have a strong presence on the show. His son, Duke Van Patten (the main character) and brother James Van Patten will appear on “Duke of the Valley.”

The scripted sitcom is based on the real-life of Vince’s father, Dick Van Patten, a legendary actor who passed away in 2015. The eldest Van Patten legendarily played the character Tom Bradford on the ABC television comedy-drama “Eight is Enough” in the 1970s.

Dick Van Patten’s character will be played by his grandson, Duke, a 27-year-old actor. Duke and Vince, who have a close father-son relationship, wrote the series together. The poker commentator will also serve as the producer for the show, along with his brother (James), and Stefan Colson and Kim Waltrip.

Vince Van Patten recently starred in the made-for-Amazon Prime movie, “7 Days to Vegas,” which is based on a wild and crazy prop bet he once made that he could walk to Las Vegas from Los Angeles, through Death Valley, in just seven days. He also appeared in numerous flicks in the 1980s and 1990s before moving on to announce poker alongside the late Mike Sexton on the World Poker Tour.

What the show is all about

“Duke of the Valley” is an Indie sitcom that takes place in an apartment in the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. The show, based on the memoirs of the late Dick Van Patten, follows the life of Duke Van Patten (who plays himself) as he tries to make it as a Hollywood actor.

Duke is faced with many of the same challenges as most young Hollywood actors. He lives in a small apartment on limited income and wants to get noticed by major movie producers. His challenges include stressing over making it in a competitive industry while also trying to pay the rent.

The small apartment he lives in, owned by his uncle (James Van Patten), is packed with numerous interesting tenants, including “Heather,” a transgender trashy woman who sells perfume, played by Caitlyn Jenner. Heather’s roommate (played by Thai Fong), along with a homeless murderer named “Skippy” (Vince Van Patten), demand to camp outside the apartment building.

“Duke of the Valley” also features former “The Young and the Restless” star Eileen Davidson, who plays a washed up actress named “Brenda” who can’t accept that her career in showbiz is over.

The show doesn’t yet have a release date. At this point, the World Poker Tour announcer and his team are in the process of developing the show.

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