Vince Van Patten tag teams it up with Jon Batye at WPT: “Best partner ever”

Terrance Reid
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Posted on: December 9, 2023 12:17 pm EST

Jon Batye puts himself in big spots thanks to ClubWPT.

In April of this year, Batye won a package to play at the $3,500 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown. Now, he’s done it again to make an appearance at the WPT World Championship Festival at Wynn Las Vegas.

“I beat out 2,500 entrants in a ClubWPT online qualifier,” explains Batye. “Then, I won a six-person Sit n’ Go with Vince Van Patten to be his tag team partner on Saturday. No one can beat me at the table.”

Jon Batye's death stare during the WPT Prime Championship
Jon Batye’s death stare during the WPT Prime Championship

Batye secured the $2,500 WPT Prime Championship Passport, which includes a $1,100 buy-in, four nights at Wynn Las Vegas, a travel stipend, and ClubWPT merchandise. Now, he teams up with Van Patten for a chance to win a $10,400 WPT World Championship seat.

Batye impresses his celebrity partner: “I’ve got a cheat”

Before sitting down to play the Prime Championship on Friday, Batye ran into none other than Vince Van Patten himself taking pictures and offering freeroll giveaways in the Encore hallways.

“I hope you’re a good player,” joked Van Patten. “How good of a player are you?”

“You doubled me up if you don’t remember,” shot back Batye.

“You must be pretty good,” Van Patten said before offering up a freeroll for his weekend tag team partner.

Van Patten spread out a 52-card deck face down and made the offer. “Name any card. If you pick that card, you get $100.”

Vince Van Patten - WPT
Vince Van Patten

Batye, paying close attention to Vince’s wording, chose the ace of spades. Then, he flipped the deck face up and showed the ace of spades.

“He’s the greatest partner of all time,” said Van Patten. “I love it. I’ve got a cheat,” he laughed.

The two parted ways, rejoining today, Saturday, December 9 at the Encore ballroom to play the tag team Sit n’ Go at noon.

Batye dreams of playing with…who?

Batye’s focus is currently on taking down this Sit n Go to earn himself a spot at the biggest guaranteed prize pool ever offered. Yet, he and his fellow ClubWPT qualifier Don Ungrecht took a minute to talk about their dream tablemates.

“Daniel Negreanu,” Batye said quickly. “But, I think he’s in the Bahamas.”

“I’d like to play with Tony Dunst,” said Ungerecht. “We’re both from Wisconsin, so I’d love to play with him.”

“Vanessa Kinkade if you’re watching,” Batye piped back up.

“Vanessa Kade?” I corrected him.

“Kade?” Batye realized his mistake. “Yeah, edit that, edit that! Vanessa Kade.”

Vanessa Kade - WPT
Vanessa Kade

It was obvious he was a big fan. But, Jon, you should probably get her name right before making the big introduction.

Best of luck to all six Sit n’ Go contestants today. Though, based on what I’ve seen, you’ll have your work cut out to beat team Van Patten/Batye.

All photos courtesy WPT