Who wants to be a millionaire? Calvin Anderson leads the WPT Prime charge

Terrance Reid
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Posted on: December 12, 2023 10:46 am EST

When the numbers were finalized, the incredible reality sunk in on the remaining players of the World Poker Tour Prime Championship: Someone would turn their $1,100 buy-in into well over $1 million.

After Day 2, of the initial 10,512 entries, Calvin Anderson leads the remaining 128 in the quest for the lion’s share of the $10,196,640 prize pool.

Calvin Anderson WPT
Calvin Anderson leads the field for Day 3

WPT Prime Championship Day 3 Chip Leaders

PlaceNameChip Counts
1Calvin Anderson10,750,000
2Valeriy Pak10,150,000
3Mukul Pahuja9,375,000
4Valentyn Shabelnyk9,000,000
5Yuebin Guo8,600,000
6Daniel Lowery8,150,000
7Adam Dunkle8,100,000
8Michael Clough7,400,000
9Aaron Pinson7,050,000
10Steve Karp7,050,000

The Wynn and WPT handled the massive field “seamlessly”

This is the largest field the Wynn has ever seen for a single poker tournament. With over 10,000 entries capped off by a final day headcount of 3,757. Handling that many players is no easy feat. And yet, the Wynn and WPT made it look easy.

“Shoutout to WynnPoker and WPT for seamlessly fitting over 3,700 people in a tournament for a single day,” said WPT Ambassador Ethan “Rampage” Yau. “Zero hiccups with that many people is incredible.”

Lynn Gilmartin breaks down the massive field numbers

By adding an additional flight, opening up additional ballroom space, and utilizing a simple alternate system, one wouldn’t know they just played a tournament with over 10,000 entries. Things flowed smoothly, waits for seats were seldom over a few minutes even at their longest moments.

Notables in the field and plan for the day

With 128 left in the quest for the Prime Championship title, plenty of recognizable names have chips going into today’s Day 3.

Steven Jones WPT
Steven Jones

WPT DeepStacks Champion Valeriy Pak (10,150,000), former WPT Player of the Year Mukul Pahuja (9,375,000), Daniel Lowery (8,150,000), Steven Jones (5,550,000), Kelly Lucas (Minkin) (4,925,000), Nick Marchington (2,725,000), Frankie Cucchiara (2,200,000), Jessica Vierling (1,825,000), Connor Drinan (1,625,000), and Andrew Moreno (1,475,000) all put chips in bags for today.

Kelly Minkin WPT
Kelly Lucas

The tournament picks back up at noon local time today. The plan is to play as many one-hour levels as it takes to reach the six-handed final table. You can find the seat draw for today here, and play will be held in the Encore Ballroom.