Winamax debuts poker-centric reality show Poker Society

Mo Afdhal
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Posted on: February 2, 2024 6:30 pm EST

It seems GGPoker’s Game of Gold may have some new competition from the other side of the Atlantic. Following the show’s overwhelmingly successful run, it makes sense that others are trying their hand at blending poker into a gameshow-meets-reality-television format.

Winamax, a French-regulated online poker provider, has partnered with Dreamspark to debut a new show, Poker Society, on January 31st. The first two episodes dropped simultaneously on the Winamax YouTube channel.

Poker Society showcases ten players competing in a variety of challenges that blend poker with other strategy-based games–with a grand prize of €100,000 for the winner.

Poker Society’s similarities to Game of Gold essentially start and end with the inclusion of poker-based challenges. Instead of assembling a group of professional poker players, Poker Society went the opposite route, choosing to put together a lineup of creators, influencers, gamers–all with massive individual followings.

Game of Gold attracted impressive numbers in terms of viewership, but mostly from within the existing community. With Poker Society, Winamax and Dreamspark are looking to introduce the game to broader audiences under the guise of reality television.

Poker Society’s first batch of applicants

While none of the competitors are poker professionals, they are all familiar with the game at varying levels of competency.

  • Arellian, eSports streamer
  • Hyconiq, Hip-Hop YouTuber
  • Lyegaia, Multi-game streamer
  • Kalash Criminel, Musician
  • Klaim, Tactical shooting YouTuber
  • Tristan, Extreme challenges YouTuber
  • Kelly Cruz, Digital creator
  • Zouloux, Multi-game streamer
  • NicoCapone, Comedian and Digital creator
  • Skyyart, Strategy Games streamer

Each episode runs approximately 40 minutes and there are twelve total episodes on the slate, with one airing each week from here on out.

Mathieu Porri, Director of Communication at Winamax said, “Poker is one of the rare entertainments that combines strategy and psychology. It’s a game of skill, bluffing, and quick decision-making, as well as an excellent way to socialize with other people. For the candidates, participating in Poker Society offers a unique chance to showcase their strategic skills, experience thrilling moments by taking on mental challenges, and meet fascinating players. It’s an opportunity to shine in the spotlight while living a memorable experience… all while trying to win 100,000 euros.”