WSOP removes chat function ahead of upcoming tournament

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Posted on: June 29, 2020 6:08 pm EDT

Poker players aren’t happy as WSOP suddenly prohibits them from talking during games

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) has been offering plenty of online activity since the coronavirus pandemic started. Several online series have taken place at the website and, just a few days before the WSOP online bracelet series starts, the organization seems to have removed a featured from the poker site that has many players upset. This past weekend, players saw the chat table function on the tables removed completely and with no previous notice or explanation.

This was a great disappointment for players who went on the WSOP’s social media accounts to demand an explanation or at least get an answer from them. Instead, what they found was complete silence and no responses whatsoever. The chat function at the poker tables allows players to communicate with each other in a group while in-game and, for some fans, the fact that this feature was removed hampers the overall experience playing poker at the site.

When trying to find out further about this new situation, players found no response on social media and several short answers from the support team. Many players were told it was a “managerial decision” and they didn’t know for how long. Even some players were told that they are predicting this change to be going on indefinitely, which means that it might be removed for good.

Players also claimed that the timing for the WSOP to remove the chat function is quite bad, with the bracelet series just around the corner. More than anything else, the change and lack of clarity have left players frustrated trying to find out more about the chat feature.