Daniel Negreanu shares his plans now that he’s vaccinated

Jon Sofen
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Posted on: April 12, 2021 6:27 pm EDT

Daniel Negreanu has taken the pandemic seriously since Day 1, but he’s now fully vaccinated and ready to get out and do things he’s avoided during the past year. The poker legend shared his future plans with his Twitter followers and let it be known his days of quarantine are over.

Negreanu is a believer in science, and he trusts the medical experts who encouraged everyone to wear face masks and keep social distance. He avoided getting caught up in the political hype that’s surrounded the pandemic.

Over the past year, the GGPoker ambassador has spent most of his time in his Las Vegas mansion, quarantining with his wife, Amanda. He’s refrained from playing live poker except for a recent heads-up match against Phil Hellmuth, and the first session of his heads-up challenge against Doug Polk.

What’s Daniel Negreanu going to do?

What does a lifelong gambler whose been stuck in quarantine for a year do now that he’s fully vaccinated and effectively safe from getting sick from COVID-19? Negreanu shared those plans on his Twitter page.

First thing’s first, he claims he needs a haircut, and he hasn’t had one in a year. But his hair didn’t appear to be too long during his match against Hellmuth, which aired less than two weeks ago. Body waxing is second on his list, and for that one we can’t judge just how much he needs it done.

Third on his list is a dinner date with his wife, who often appeared on the GGPoker YouTube live-stream during the Negreanu/Polk heads-up challenge. Given that Daniel Negreanu is a vegan and wealthy, it’s safe to assume they won’t be splitting a 20-piece Chicken McNuggets at McDonald’s. Even though he dropped $1.2 million to Polk and $50,000 in Round 1 of “High Stakes Duel II” to Hellmuth, he can still likely afford any meal his heart desires. And there are plenty of five-star restaurants to choose from in Las Vegas.

Playing live poker is next on Negreanu’s list, and that shouldn’t come as a surprise for someone whose made a living crushing live poker cash games and tournaments for over 20 years. Lastly, he’s ready to go see his beloved Vegas Golden Knights, one of the top teams in the NHL, in action at the beautiful T-Mobile Arena on the Las Vegas Strip.

Negreanu certainly isn’t the only person ready to bust out and have some fun post-vaccination. Millions around the world have spent the past year either completely in quarantine, or avoiding groups and people outside their homes. In the U.S., more than 65 million Americans have been vaccinated since December, and that number is rising significantly by the day. Everyone is ready to get out and go back to living their life without fear of contracting a potentially deadly virus.

Featured image source: Twitter