Jamie Kerstetter announces WPT High Stakes Home Game with Dwan, Botez and Tice

Jon Pill
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Posted on: August 12, 2021 1:33 am EDT

The World Poker Tour is running three days of live-streamed High Stakes Home Game on its Twitch channel next week.

The show starts on August 16, 2021, with a $25/$50 no-limit hold ’em ladies’ game. The following two days will up the stakes to $200/$400 and will feature star players like Tom Dwan and Dan Smith. Landon Tice will also be appearing in the high-stakes leg. We all look forward to seeing him wrestled off the soundstage by his backers 1/3 of the way into the game’s run time.

The WPT announced the event a few days ago writing, “Mark your calendars for WPT High Stakes cash games. August 16-18 and an elite list of names to be announced soon.” 

The Tweet ended with a zipped mouth emoji. Clearly, there’s a memo still sitting in Jamie Kerstetter’s in-tray as she tweeted several of the biggest names involved the day before.

“Getting back on the felt next week for a fun @WPT ladies’ $25/$50NL game with @alexandravbotez, @akaNemsko [Nemo], @The_Illest [Kelly Minkin], @xxl23 [Xuan Liu], and @Ebony_Kenney!” Kerstetter wrote, scooping the WPT account.

“Two days of $200/$400NL to follow, featuring @TomDwan, @LandonTice, @DanSmithHolla, @bruno_poker, and more,” she added.

Hyping up

Players are frantic to get back into live games. This looks to be no exception.

Alexandra Botez wrote “SO EXCITED” in response to Kerstetter’s tweet. The chess whizz made it to the second round of the WPT Heads Up championship last month. She is probably looking forward to putting her recent chess coaching to good use. Kerstetter invited her to drop by the next day too to hustle chess.

Ebony Kenney, a Twitch streamer and ACR team pro, tweeted in response too.

“Can’t wait to hug my girls!! This will be my 1st live session since March of last year. Sooooo excited and looking forward to repping @ACR_POKER hardcore for this one.”

Cash game poker hasn’t been on our screens as much of late. The reboot of High Stakes Poker was a small finger plugging a big hole.

Tourneys bounced back fast after COVID with thousands turning up to events at the Venetian in Vegas and Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood in Florida. Cash game shows have been a bit slower to return. In fact, the last big cash game before the HSP reboot was probably the game at Stones’ which Veronica Brill and Mike Postle used to play in. And we all know what happened to that game. Allegedly.

With Live at the Bike! returning soon, the Hustler casino’s new cash game stream, and now WPT’s High Stakes Home Game, cash game options are beginning to rival the tourneys again.

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