Jeff Boski: ACR Team Pro, world traveler, and dog lover

Jeff Boski with his dogs Clyde, Sadhi, and Bodhi
Terrance Reid
Posted on: April 23, 2023 18:44 PDT

Nearly two months ago, the "ACR Eleven" packed their bags and headed to Triton Vietnam with $100,000 to spend on buy-ins courtesy of satellite tournaments on America's Cardroom and competitions among their team members.

ACR Team Pro Jeff "Boski" Sluzinski was one of those that made that cross-world trip, stepping out further than he ever had before.

At that time, Boski had never been to Europe or Asia. Standing at 6'5", he's never been a fan of plane travel. But, with $100k in tow, he played the largest buy-ins of his life there and cashed the $25,000 No-Limit Hold 'Em Turbo Event in seventh place for $121,000. Now, with a taste for big buy-ins and world travel, he's ready to do it again.

Time for another ACR challenge

"Phil Nagy (WPN CEO) says he wants us to compete over five weeks for another Triton extravaganza," shared Boski. "Winners are going to win another $100,000 in buy-ins, first-class accommodations, and first-class flights to Cyprus May 10-25. As soon as I heard, I said 'Alright, game on.' I'm going to do my best to win another package."

The ACR streamer is one of many actively competing in multiple categories. The two pros with best combined results in Multi-table tournaments, a heads-up tournament, and social media growth and engagement will send them to Cyprus for the upcoming Triton series in the Mediterranean.

"I've been playing non-stop, 12-15 hours a day, every day. I think I'm a favorite with a week to go," said Boski. Despite getting zero points in the heads-up tournament, Boski is leading his challengers in the MTT category and plans to stay on top there with his daily grinds.

As far as social media goes, you can find him on Twitter and Instagram. But, if you think it's all poker on there, you're in for a treat.

A cause close to his heart

Boski frequently helps out canine friends in various ways, using his platform to bring awareness to causes that are near and dear to him.

"I've been helping out the Adopt A Boxer program, based out of New York. I've had two boxers recently, but I like all dogs. I'm here to spread the message, #AdoptDon'tShop," said Boski. "I also work with the Henderson Animal Shelter near Las Vegas. They still need a lot of help because the state does barely anything, they rely on volunteers and donations."

"If I can do good by creating entertaining content and raising awareness to save dogs, then poker really isn't a zero-sum game."

Jeff Boski

Boski recently raised $1,000 for the local animal shelter via an Instagram reel, where it looked like he had as much fun as the dogs there.

Speaking of his own two dogs, Clyde and Duke, the generally even-keeled, poker-faced Boski couldn't help but choke up. "I adopted Clyde almost ten years ago, he's no longer with us," said Boski as tears formed. "Boxers are very prone to cancer and some other problems. You have to cherish the moments you have. If I can do good by creating entertaining content and raising awareness to save dogs, then poker really isn't a zero-sum game."

Boski is on the tournament and social media grind, doing his best to lock up a spot for the upcoming Triton Cyprus series. But, though he may pursue traveling and high-roller series in exotic locales, his heart stays with the canine pals that need him so.

Best of luck to you, Boski. Nagy and Cyprus are calling your name.