State of Poker Survey: PokerOrg Player Advisory Board weighs in

The State of Poker 2024 survey
Author Adam Hampton
Adam Hampton
Posted on: January 19, 2024 02:32 PST

The PokerOrg State of Poker Survey is up and running, gathering info and insights on where poker is right now as well as where it could be heading.

If you haven’t already let us know your thoughts, take a minute to fill it in. You’ll be adding your voice to others in the wider poker community, including those of the members of the PokerOrg Player Advisory Board (PAB) .

The PAB comprises a number of top players, including Matt Berkey, Lex Veldhuis and Chris Moneymaker. The majority of PAB members have already let us know what they think, and we’ve broken the results down into some key points.

PokerStars, WSOP and PokerOrg come out on top

So far, we’re seeing some trends in terms of player preferences and attitudes:

  • The WSOP is the preferred destination for live events, with 43% placing it first over the likes of Triton (21%), WPT (14%), EPT (14%) or NAPT (7%)
  • PokerStars is the online platform of choice, with 64% of our pro panel placing it above GGPoker (14%) and ACR (7%)
  • PokerOrg is named as their preferred poker site, with more than double the votes for alternatives
  • No-limit Hold’em is the game of choice over other variants, receiving more than 3x the votes of any other game
  • The majority prefer tournaments to cash games, and live tourneys to online
  • High Stakes Poker and PokerGO lead the way when it comes to the choices for best cash game streams
  • Triton and WSOP are the preferred options for watching tournament streams
  • Twitter/X is by far the most popular choice of social platform

Mobile poker, GTO tools and bots biggest causes for concern

The majority of players polled believe that poker is growing in popularity, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have concerns.

  • A slight majority of players polled (51%) don’t think mobile online poker software is currently good enough to use, while 35% believe poker will never become a good mobile game
  • 90% believe solvers and GTO tools are permissible for learning but should be banned for use in real-time (the remainder think they should be banned completely)
  • Bots and real-time assistance are the biggest concerns for 57% of PAB respondents, over other issues such as money security, collusion or ghosting
  • 57% believe online sites are safe and secure enough to play on for real money

Most of the players we asked also added that there aren’t enough online poker options where they live (64% are based in the USA).

The State of Poker Survey is live now, so add your thoughts and we’ll continue to report on what real poker players think about the game in 2024.