WSOP 2024: 100 tables added, daily tourneys and mega-satellites moved to new location

2024 WSOP schedule
Haley Hintze Author Photo
Haley Hintze
Posted on: February 18, 2024 05:14 PST

Changes at this summer's 2024 World Series of Poker continue to emerge, following this week's release of the complete live-bracelet-event schedule, which at the present time consists of 99 events. While several other elements of the 2024 WSOP have yet to be unveiled, one announced change somewhat lost in the impact of the live-event schedule release is that this year, all daily tourneys and mega-satellites to bracelet events will be moved to a new location, separate from last year's three large ballrooms full of WSOP poker.

The move for the dailies and the mega-satties is somewhat disguised within the WSOP's recent schedule-related news flood. Mentioned only briefly is that 100 extra tables will be added to the full WSOP footprint, now at 700 tables, which spans both the Horseshoe and Paris casinos. The 100 tables will be dedicated to those upcoming daily and mega-satellite tourneys, but exactly where within the Horseshoe/Paris complex those 100 tables would be wasn't detailed.

Further information came out via the WSOP's seasonal Twitter/X czar, Kevin Mathers, who shared some of the extra info:

Mathers' post led to inquiries about the exact location for those 100 tables, and Mathers in turn referenced a post from WSOP Operations Director Andy Rich, who added another piece:

That left only one issue: Neither the Normandy nor the Provence Ballrooms appear to exist on the Harrah's Las Vegas website floor plan at the present time. The property has redone several floor maps following its transition from Bally's, but changes are ongoing. Mathers then stepped back in with what appears to be the rest of the story:

That assumption, if true, would also explain the France-theme renaming of the twin ballrooms. If correct, the added ballroom would be one floor up -- a short elevator ride -- from the end of the Harrah's main casino floor and the beginning of the hallway leading to the Harrah's Grand Ballroom and Event Center, where plenty of WSOP action already occurs. Players who have been in action on the Harrah's side are already familar with the traffic split in the hallway leading to the poker ballrooms, with a security podium, and a side hallway leading to a bank of elevators.

The extra 100 tables in Normandy and Provence could be serviced by a separate, part-time cashier window as well. If so, it would solve another issue that has emerged in the WSOP's first two runs away from the old Rio haunts. In 2022 and 2023, there was always a bit of confusion as to which cashier windows were available for bracelet events, dailies, cash games and so on. There will still likely be a central cashier room (in Paris) where all poker offerings are available, but a dedicated cashier window in the new dailies/satties room could help further clear the earlier confusion.

Cash-game action at the WSOP has yet to be detailed for 2024. However, with the dailies and mega-satties pulled from what was 600 total WSOP tables, there will be less pressure on the WSOP's prior designated cash-game area, adjacent to the King's Lounge in the back of the Paris Ballroom.