Marle and Spraggy get hitched in small Vegas wedding

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Posted on: August 19, 2021 10:20 pm EDT would like to congratulate Marle Cordeiro and Benjamin “Spraggy” Spragg on their recent marriage. Mr. and Mrs. Spragg were joined in unholy matrimony in a small Vegas wedding yesterday. Brad Owen did not attend.

The pair announced the marriage on Twitter with the same photo of them in their wedding clothes. Spraggy went with a classic sports-casual look, Marle wore a summer dress. Both wore converse sneakers and adorable grins.

Spraggy captioned the photo with “Got married in Las Vegas to the love of my life @MarleCordeiro. Couldn’t be any happier.”

Marle captioned hers with “Mrs. Spragg. I’ve never been happier.”

It has been a quick engagement. She said “yes” back in February of this year. The couple split most of that time between London and Vegas.

It seems likely that the brutally xenophobic immigration systems of one or both of their countries might have precipitated things a bit. Cordeiro is a U.S. citizen, Spragg is from the U.K. It’s a real star-crossed lovers thing.

Marle has confirmed that we can all call her Spraggy now. One suspects that’s a permission she will live to regret. Now that there are two of them, we can hopefully look forward to a marked improvement in the quality of poker, presentation, and humor on the “Spraggy” Twitch channel.

Poker’s power couple

The poker world reacted mostly positively to the nuptials. Even the hardened grumps of poker Twitter couldn’t find a negative angle on young love, elopement, and Spraggy’s BoJo mop-top. It might have been a far fancier but the Spraggs have been finding the U.S. tournament and tax system takes a real toll on their bankrolls.

Shaun Deeb was concerned about Marle’s life choices, telling her to “blink twice if you’re being held at will.”

Chris Moneymaker’s congratulations were more sincere. “WOW! congrats buddy, genuinely happy for you.”

Liv Boeree said, “This is so awesome, congrats you guys!!!!” Then went back to science-ing and spending quality time with the Musk family.

Only one player seemed put out by the wedding. Brad Owen and Spraggy are locked into a long-running mock feud. Spragg is currently winning after a text exchange, posted by Owen, concerning the marriage.

“Wedding is at 2.45. Sounds like you will miss it,” Spragg wrote texting less than an hour before kick-off.

An upset Owen texts back, “Oh, shit.” After leading Owen along the garden path just a little further, Spragg drops the hammer. “We’re only allowed three guests anyway, and you didn’t make the cut.”

Featured image source: Flickr by WPT