Poker power couple Spraggy and Marle Cordeiro are engaged

Jon Pill
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Posted on: November 2, 2020 10:55 pm EST

Marriage is what brings us together today.

Benjamin “Spraggy” Spragg asked Marle Cordeiro to marry him. And she said yes.

It is tough times at the moment. In Cordeiro’s homeland, the U.S. election is coming up. The first Purge is presumably to follow the day after. Meanwhile, in Spraggy’s homeland, the U.K., coronavirus has pushed the nation back into lockdown. And as winter draws in on the Northern hemisphere, bringing with it longer nights and shorter, bleaker days, a light-hearted story of love and commitment is just what the poker world needs.


The couple took to Twitter to announce their news. Presumably, the Times “Forthcoming Marriage” section was full this week.

Spraggy tweeted, “Today @MarleCordeiro made me the happiest man alive.” 

While Cordeiro posted a video with her ring finger up and the caption “Getting married or whatever.”

The poker power couple has a little over $110k in live cashes between them. That should cover the bar tab at the reception. Especially with U.K weddings limited to 30 players for the foreseeable.

The lion’s share of that $110k comes from Spraggy ($86k). 

On the other hand, Spraggy’s YouTube following falls substantially short of Cordeiro’s.

Cordeiro’s rise to fame as a poker commentator came after a controversial video on her channel went viral in 2018. Since then she’s continued to make satirical videos alongside her career as a Vegas cardshark.

But she really won over the poker community as the only person to keep going after Mike Postle after the California courts chucked him out of the Stones cheating case. Cordeiro tried to bring a suit against Postle in Nevada where, unlike California, cheating is illegal. Unfortunately for her, she failed to prove Nevada has jurisdiction, and Postle went untried.

Since then the couple has moved to the U.K., navigating the Byzantine system that is HMRC’s long-term visa policy. And they landed right in the middle of the lockdown.

Lock it down

Lockdown seems to have worked out well for the couple. Eight months holed up in a London flat would test most people to the limit. And the change in weather can’t have been fun for Vegas resident Cordiero.

But the pair seems to have done okay. Cordeiro wrote that “Being quarantined w @spraggy for 8 months has been effortless and the most fun I’ve ever had. All we do is laugh. Can only imagine how much fun we’re gonna have when we can leave the house.”

The poker world was quick to offer the couple congratulations. Mostly. Jaime Kerstetter, for example, wanted to be sure Cordiero wasn’t suffering from Stockholm syndrome asking, “Marle, are you sure?”

Others were suspicious that anyone would agree to marry the mop-topped Spraggy. JohnnyVibes called shenanigans saying, “I’m waiting a full 24 hours to say congrats. Just in case it’s a troll. I hate being tricked. Be back tomorrow.”

A wise choice particularly after Spraggy’s last graph. “They say you should spend 3 months salary on an engagement ring,” Cordeiro tweeted. “What can we get for -20k?”

The next question on everyone’s mind is: which poker players will get to be the bridesmaids.


Featured image source: Twitter