Ante4Autism has a new location and a start date

Jon Pill
Posted on: May 25, 2021 10:57 PDT

The charity poker tournament Ante4Autism has a new start date after a long delay due to COVID. The shift in date was to "give attendees more time to receive the Covid vaccine," according to the charity's blog.

Ante4Autism announced recently that it is holding the tournament from August 21 to August 25. These dates coincide with a Vegas furniture market event, explaining why so many of the sponsors for the event sell California Kings, upholstery, and sofa-beds.

Any sponsors or players for whom the new dates do not work, can contact the charity for a refund.

It has been a good season for charitable giving from the poker community. K. L. Cleeton got his van, Moneymaker headed up a charity tourney for the CHEST Foundation, and the hugely controversial FIDF is running an enormous series across the entire U.S. to raise funds for Israeli veterans.

The Ante4Autism tournament runners will donate the proceeds from the event to a selection of five autism charities. The five charities are: Rich Center for Autism, Cincinnati Center for Autism, F.E.A.T. — Families for Effective Autism Treatments of Southern Nevada, National Autism Association of Southeast Ohio, and Autism Speaks.

These charities work to help those diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders and the people who care for them. Autism is a developmental disorder that affects between 1% and 2% of the world's population. Symptoms range in severity, but are characterized by difficulties with social interactions and language.

Ante4Autism tweeted about the event: "BREAKING NEWS: Ante4autism Poker event moves to South Point Hotel and Casino on the strip! Date is Saturday, 8/21."

New time, new place

The new date was chosen for excellent reasons. The extra time will give attendees a few more weeks to get their jabs. "We felt as a Host Committee it was best to delay the event and give everyone that wanted to a chance to receive the vaccine prior to our event," said Doug Krinsky, the founder of Ante4Autism.

This seems like a good pro-science stand in a fraught area of discourse. There is plenty of misinformation when it comes to autism and vaccines. False claims about vaccines being linked to autism have been a cornerstone of the anti-vaxxer movement ever since the wholly discredited work of Andrew Wakefield hit newsstands in 1998.

With the new date comes a new location. This year the South Point Hotel will play host to the event. The previous host was The Golden Nugget which rented out its Grand Event Center to the charity.

Krinsky seemed pleased with the new arrangement, saying: "We are incredibly excited to move our event to the South Point Hotel and Casino for our 13th Annual Ante4autism event."

The event will sport a few celebrity players. So far actress and model Nadia Dawn has confirmed she will attend. She will be accompanied by actor Kevin Major Howard. Previous events have seen Jennifer Harmon, Erik Seidel, Norman Chad, and Dutch Boyd attend. Currently, the Ante4Autism does not confirm if any of these poker personalities will be coming back for the 2021 event.

If you're looking for some live poker in August and want the rake to go to a good cause, you can sign up on the Ante4Autism website.

Featured image source: Twitter