‘judd trump’ wins Super MILLION$ Anniversary event for $976,379

‘judd trump’ wins Super MILLION$ Anniversary event for $976,379
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Geoff Fisk
Posted on: June 15, 2021 14:14 PDT

Pumped up edition of GGPoker’s flagship tournament hits $5,670,000 prize pool

Most editions of the weekly Super MILLION$ High Roller include a final table full of players whose real names are well known. Many of the regulars that frequent the $10,300 buy-in tournament at GGPoker stand as some of the top players in the game.

The player that topped the Super MILLION$ Anniversary field might hold a mysterious real-life identity, but is no stranger to success at GGPoker.

Playing from China, ‘judd trump’ came away with the win in the Super MILLION$ Anniversary, winning one of the biggest first-place prizes in the 52-week history of the tournament. Topping a field of 567 entries, ‘judd trump’ took the win in Super MILLION$ Episode 52 for a $976,379 payout.

GGPoker raised the prize pool to $5 million guaranteed to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the Super MILLION$. Since its inception just one year ago, the weekly event has become one of the most prestigious high-stakes tournaments in online poker.

The bigger prize pool brought out a massive field. The 567 entries triples the size of the field from some previous editions of the Super MILLION$.

From the bigger player pool, the final table included a few names that we don’t usually see making deep runs in the Super MILLION$. The final heads-up battle came down to ‘judd trump’ and Joakim Andersson (2nd - $752,891), a player who is a familiar sight at the Super MILLION$ final table.

Tuesday’s final table marked the third Super MILLION$ final table appearance for ‘judd trump,’ all coming within the last five weeks.

Super MILLION$ Anniversary (Episode 52) final table results

Place Player Name Playing From/Country Prize
1 ‘judd trump’ China $976,379
2 Joakim Andersson Sweden $752,891
3 Carlos Villamarin Canada $580,558
4 Adrian Mateos Spain $447,672
5 Chris Frank Austria $345,202
6 Chris Puetz Austria $266,187
7 Wiktor Malinowski Macau $205,258
8 Enrico Camosci Tunisia $158,275
9 Thomas Muehloecker China $122,047

Super-sized Super MILLION$ for one-year celebration

GGPoker diverted from the normal format for the Super MILLION$ Anniversary event. A normal run of the weekly tournament begins Sunday, plays down to a final table, and resumes Tuesday.

The anniversary edition of the Super MILLION$ ran as a multi-phase event, with five Day 1 flights leading to Tuesday’s final table. More playing days meant more players and more money, as the tournament went well past the $5 million guarantee.

Other final table finishers included Carlos Villamarin (3rd - $580,558), Adrian Mateos (4th - $447,672), and Chris Frank (5th - $345,202). Frank came into the final table as the tournament chip leader, but had to settle for a fifth-place finish in his first Super MILLION$ final table appearance.

Chris Puetz (6th - $266,187), Wiktor Malinowski (7th - $205,258), Enrico Camosci (8th - $158,275) and Thomas Muehloecker (9th - $122,047) rounded out the final nine.

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