PokerGO Stairway to Millions kicks off with $1,100 Event #1

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Posted on: January 15, 2022 12:45 am EST

PokerGO’s Stairway to Millions is an innovative event for TV poker, but will feel familiar to anyone who has spent any time playing poker online. The format combined the thrill of a TV final table in the PokerGO Studio with the profitable multi-level rake of “steps” sit ‘n’ goes.

The Stairway to Millions series sports eight tournaments. Each tournament’s buy-in is (very) roughly double the previous event’s. To link the series of events all together, everyone who cashes in an event gets part of their prize in the form of a ticket to the next event in the series.

It’s a neat way of making all eight events feel part of the same TV narrative.

For example, Event #1 costs $1,100 to buy into. Daniel Sepiol, who took the whole thing down won $28,500. $26,350 of that prize goes to him in cash, $2,150 as a ticket to Event #2.

The first Event in the series attracted 190 entries, making for a total prize pool of $190,000. 28 players cashed, so 28 players won entry to Event #2.

“Officially 190 entries in Stairway To Millions Event #1: $1,100 NL Hold’em,” tweeted PokerGO News. “Including @TheBradOwen and @JohnnieVibes.”

PokerGO Tour Stairway to Millions Event #1: $1,100 complete final table results

PositionPlayer NamePayout
1stDaniel Sepiol$28,500
2ndRich Dixon$19,000
3rdJoseph Cheong$15,200
4thJustin Saliba$11,400
5thQing Liu$9,500
6thMehdi Anooshahr$7,600
All prizes include $2,150 entry to Event #2.

Final table Action

The brisk blind levels quickly knocked the 190 entries down to the final table of 6 players on Day 1. The final six then had a night to rest up before the TV final table on the next day.

“Six players remain in Stairway To Millions Event #1: $1,100 NL Hold’em,” tweeted PokerGO News. “Rich Dixon leads. They’ll be back at 12 p.m. PT Thursday to play to a winner. Live stream coverage on @PokerGO and YouTube. All 28 who cashed won entry to the $2,150 event.”

Day 2 was a high-speed affair, taking less than two hours to crown Sepiol as the winner. By the time heads-up play came round, Sepiol already had a 17 million to 2 million chip lead over Rich Dixon.

He took the better end of a 60-40 gamble on the first hand and held up winning the $28,500 for first place. Both players quickly hurried over to where Event #2 was already underway.

The stream of the final table for this event is up on the PokerGO Youtube channel with the Storm X logo now proudly on display.

PokerGO Tour Stairway to Millions complete series schedule

January 12, 2022Stairway To Millions #1$1,100$100,000
January 13, 2022Stairway To Millions #2$2,150$100,000
January 14, 2022Stairway To Millions #3$4,100$100,000
January 15, 2022Stairway To Millions #4$8,200$200,000
January 16, 2022Stairway To Millions #5$15,400$300,000
January 17, 2022Stairway To Millions #6$25,500$500,000
January 18, 2022Stairway To Millions #7$51,000$500,000
January 19, 2022Stairway To Millions #8$102,000$1,200,000
*Late entries and rebuys are charged higher fees in some events.

Featured image source: PokerGO