Texas Card House Dallas loses ruling, plans appeal

Haley Hintze
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Posted on: October 30, 2022 3:35 pm EDT

The Texas Card House Dallas, one of a handful of social-poker clubs serving one of Texas’s largest cities, will plan an appeal to stay in business after the club lost a Dallas County district court ruling concerning its certificate of occupancy as originally issued by the county.

Last December, Texas Card House Dallas had its occupancy certificate — which serves as a operating permit — revoked as the City of Dallas asserted that illegal gambling was being conducted on the premises. TCHD remained open and filed a grievance with the city’s Board of Adjustment, which in April ruled in the club’s favor and allowed it to remain in operation.

In May, however, Dallas’s interim building official, David Session, escalated the battle by filing suit against the Dallas BOA, asserting that the five-member board exceeded its authority in allowing the club to remain open. This week, Dallas County district court judge Eric V. Moyé heard the case, and on Thursday Judge Moyé ruled in favor of Session and Dallas’s City Attorney’s Office, which had also sought the club’s closure.

TCHD appeal to be filed

Texas Card House Dallas’s primary owner and CEO, Ryan Crow, had previously disclosed his plans to appeal an adverse ruling such as Thursday’s. Ultimately, the matter could reach the Texas Supreme Court, although the case’s next stop would be at Texas’s Fifth Court of Appeal, which covers the Dallas metro area. Given the gambling issues and laws central to the case, an appeal could be made only at the state level and could not become a federal matter.

Texas Card House Dallas remains open pending the planned appeal. (This corrects previously published information.)

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