Veronica Brill to Host the Next Season of ‘Poker After Dark’

Jon Sofen
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Posted on: February 8, 2021 11:16 pm EST

Veronica Brill will take over as the next host of Poker After Dark, and will presumably serve as a sideline-type reporter with Ali Nejad remaining in the broadcast booth, although those details aren’t clear at this point.

Poker After Dark first launched in 2007 and ran late nights on NBC until shortly after the Black Friday scandal in 2011. At that point, the show lost its main sponsors — the poker sites — and was forced to cancel.

Poker Central rebooted the show on its PokerGo app in 2017. Nejad, the original host, has remained in that role since day one. Brill will step into the role presumably as the sideline reporter who interviews players during show breaks or as a co-host to Nejad, who has never had a co-host on the show.

Poker Central hasn’t released details about her role on the show. But Brent Hanks, a PokerGo commentator, let it slip while Brill was co-hosting a live-stream on the GGPoker YouTube channel during the Daniel Negreanu vs. Doug Polk match.

Hanks, coincidentally, had told Brill to keep the news silent but accidentally let it slip. Brill then briefly addressed her new career move on Twitter.

“I will be hosting the next season of poker after dark I was keeping it quiet but @BuffaloHanks decided to let the (cat) out of the bag in front of the GGpoker audience (after telling me not to say anything lol) Don’t get all excited cause if I’m terrible they will edit me out,” Veronica Brill wrote.

Poker Central hasn’t issued a press release on the subject yet, but it’s clear we’ll be seeing Brill on Poker After Dark during the upcoming season (12), which recently launched with the first episode (Brill wasn’t on the show).

One poker fan gave her some advice on how to host Poker After Dark, a high-stakes poker cash game show.

“Biggest piece of feedback is to not talk over players at the table if something is going on. Happens far too often and you’re left trying to decipher what the players were talking about,” Alex Huang (@alexjhuang) wrote on Twitter.

Brill responded: “I will definitely do everything in my power to not talk over any players. Good thing is that I won’t be at the actual table and they will have to come to me at the bar to talk to me.”

Veronica Brill outs an alleged cheater

Veronica Brill has some experience hosting poker shows. She previously hosted Stones Live, a former cash game show at Stones Gambling Hall in Northern California.

In 2019, she publicly accused Mike Postle, a Stones Live regular, of cheating during the live-streams. She claims he used some sort of electronic device to gain access to his opponent’s hole cards.

Brill, along with 87 other plaintiffs, sued Postle in 2019 and was unsuccessful in doing so. Postle then returned serve by filing a lawsuit against her and many others in poker media for defamation of character last summer, but his case also doesn’t appear to be headed towards the outcome he was hoping for.

Brill gained respect among the poker community for having the courage to out an alleged cheater. Postle allegedly won hundreds of thousands of dollars in the Stones Live games due to having access to opponent’s hole cards.

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