2022 WSOP Player of the Year goes to Dan Zack

Jon Pill
Posted on: July 19, 2022 09:38 PDT

The 2022 World Series of Poker Player of the year is Dan Zack. Zack tops a list of players that are primarily high roller regulars.

The player of the year race favors these players because the formula is partly (though not linearly) weighted by buy-in. But the main reason for the prevalence of high-roller pros on the list is that these players can put in volume in small field events. Making a final table by chance is much easier in a fifty-player sit'n'go like the $250k high roller than in a large field $1,500 event.

So we see names like Koray Aldemir, David Peters, Brian Rast, and Alex Foxen from the high roller circuit There are also big-name pros like Shaun Deeb and Zack himself.

Yueqi Zhu acquitted himself impressively in yet another WSOP, passing 150 lifetime WSOP cashes this year on his way to 6th place on the POY leaderboard.

There are two Joaos in the top ten from opposite ends of the globe. Joao Vieira hails from Portugal and Joao Simao Peres from Brazil. Along with Koray Aldemir who lives in Austria, the Joaos are it for overseas representation. The other seven top ten finalists are residents in the U.S., if not actually living in Vegas itself.

Zack took the lead by the middle of the series and kept it till the end. He had 16 cashes at this year's WSOP, converting four of them into final tables, and two of those into bracelets. He beat second-place finisher, Daniel Weinman, by a handy 4,531 points to 4,040.

2022 WSOP Player of the Year leaderboard top ten

Position Player Name Leaderboard points
1st Dan Zack 4,530.64
2nd Daniel Weinman 4,040.20
3rd Koray Aldemir 3,275.02
4th Shaun Deeb 3,197.65
5th David Peters 2,982.08
6th Yueqi Zhu 2,766.27
7th Joao Vieira 2,752.88
8th Joao Simao Peres 2,735.76
9th Alex Foxen 2,458.47
10th Brian Rast 2,520.06

Dan Zack's 2022 WSOP results

Date Tournament Position Payout
July 13 Event #80: $600 Mixed No Limit Hold'em/Pot Limit Omaha 12th $ 9,092
July 10 Event #75:$ 777 Lucky 7's No Limit Hold'em 188th $ 3,200
July 9 Event #74: $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha Bounty 149th $ 1,645
July 3 Online: $500 No Limit Hold'em (NJ/NV) - Deepstack 63rd $ 2,238
July 2 Event #68: $1,000 No Limit Hold'em - Million Dollar Bounty 492nd $ 3,841
June 29 Event #63: $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better Championship 23rd $ 20,214
June 27 Event #58: $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better 48th $ 5,294
June 25 Event #53: $5,000 Mixed No Limit Hold'em/Pot-Limit Omaha 91st $ 8,761
June 23 Event #50: $250,000 No Limit Hold'em - Super High Roller 8th $ 488,095
June 21 Event #46: $5,000 No Limit Hold'em 6-Handed 91st $ 8,807
June 18 Event #40: $10,000 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better 1st $ 324,174
June 14 Event #31: $10,000 Limit 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball Championship 3rd $ 129,670
June 14 Event #30: $1,000 Pot Limit Omaha 166th $ 2,004
June 12 Event #24: $1,000 No Limit Hold'em - Flip & Go Presented by GG Poker 43rd $ 4,330
June 7 Event #15: $10,000 Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better Championship 1st $ 440,757
June 2  Event #5: $500 No Limit Hold'em - The Housewarming 200th $ 4,805

Featured image source: PokerGO