William Shatner launches NFT collectibles that sell out in minutes

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Posted on: July 31, 2020 6:36 pm EDT

The Star Trek captain has been a huge supporter of blockchain development

The WAX Blockchain has seen massive traffic after fans bought 125,000 non-fungible token (NFT) trading cards in which William Shatner is being featured. The actor – best known for giving life to Star Trek’s Captain Kirk – sold out his digital collectibles showcasing memorabilia related to this role in just a matter of minutes. These trading cards feature images from Shatner’s personal life and career, from the 1930s to today; the marketplace offered 10,000 packs for sale that contained 125,000 digital collectibles in total.

Through the WAX Blockchain, collectors can now buy, sell and even trade the cards among themselves. Some of the scenes featured on the digital collectibles include Shatner’s headshots and characters from his early acting days. Also, some more personal moments are being showcased, such as one where he is hugging fellow actor Leonard Nimoy – known for his role as Spock – with one card containing an X-Ray of Shatner’s teeth.

“I’m astonished at how quickly it all happened,” said Shatner to Cointelegraph. He added that he wishes that those people who bought the digital non-fungible tokens can also make friends when trading them. “The cards themselves represent a beautiful past,” he said. “The verification of being on the blockchains represents a great future. So, we have the past and the future mixing together.” The popular Star Trek actor has also been a major supporter of the blockchain and digital currencies, and he uses his Twitter account to promote this technology. Quoting what Shatner said to Cointelegraph magazine back in June, “putting something on a blockchain is forever.”