Coca-Cola can now be purchased in Australian vending machines with cryptocurrency

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Posted on: June 9, 2020 6:50 pm EDT

Australia is setting the bar higher for the use of digital currency alongside fiat

Digital currencies continue to gain territory in the mainstream market. The most popular drink in the world can soon be purchased from vending machines using cryptocurrency, thanks to a partnership between Coca-Cola Amatil and digital asset integrator Centrapay. Australia and New Zealand residents can use their Sylo Smart Wallet to purchase the drink at any one of Coca-Cola’s more than 2,000 vending machines located in both countries.

Centrapay was designed to “help brands connect directly with individuals and increase revenue and operational efficiency for merchants,” said Centrapay CEO Jerome Faury. He believes that this new platform was integrated in a way that the user experience will be enriched, which is usually a problem when adopting new technology like cryptocurrencies. “We have solved both these issues. Centrapay is pioneering the way to enable this new internet of value and bring its benefits to both consumers and merchants,” he said in a statement on Tuesday.

Faury continued by saying, “At Centrapay, we’re working to create a future where individuals are in control of their own data and digital identity. Brands can connect directly and ethically with people, empowering them to make the right purchasing decision, whilst also supporting their retail and other distribution partners.”

In order to buy a drink with cryptocurrency, Sylo Smart Wallet users can use the QR code payment sticker to send the funds. So, across New Zealand and Australia, vending machines will be accepting cryptocurrencies and other digital assets just by using the smartphone’s camera integrated and the Sylo Smart Wallet.