Creating better strategies for Turbo Sit & Gos

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Posted on: June 17, 2020 6:26 pm EDT

Pay attention to variances and speed when playing the popular format

A turbo poker tournament can be a sit & go or multi-table tournaments (MTT), and they are much faster versions of regular games. The speed is increased when the duration of each level is reduced, so, instead of having 15-20 minutes blinds, these events usually have levels that last between 5-10 minutes. For some poker players, this type of tournament tends to be more complicated because everything happens so fast. But there is always a strategy that can be used to improve on your game if your intention is to play turbo tournaments effectively.

The fact that, as the time for each level is significantly reduced, there is also an increase in variance. One of the most noticeable differences when playing turbo events is that it is a lot easier to win or lose a significant amount of buy-ins. Another variety, turbo heads-up tournaments, will force players to have an even faster pace; if you are already comfortable with playing short-handed or full ring turbo games, the transition is a lot easier.

Turbo sit & go’s are for players that enjoy getting into “mini-tournaments,” which makes sense if you are a player who likes to sit down for shorter periods of time. Be ready to respond to all-ins from the very beginning of the game, although it takes a bit of time to get to the point where big pots are being built quickly.

For instance, a turbo MTT means that you need to get rid of a ton of players; however, for sit & go’s, the approach is more like hit and run. The best turbo players know when to take a chance, but it can also backfire, so be ready to be busted before you were even dealt a decent hand.