“Double barreling” in Texas Hold’em

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Posted on: May 28, 2020 6:18 pm EDT

Trying to throw off opponents can often have lucrative results

It is not impossible to win pots after missing the flop like inexperienced Texas Hold’em poker players believe. There is another strategy beyond a continuation bet that can take you further in the hand and help you steal a larger pot. It is called “double barrelling” and describes a strategy by which you fire two large shots in a row, meaning that you lead out on both the flop and the turn. This is not a strategy to be used lightly, though; there are three main situations to consider using double barreling: when you have a draw, after raising preflop and when the board is ragged.

In the first scenario, facing an open-ended straight draw or a flush draw while in late position will force you to make a bet if your opponent checks. In these cases, it is important not to bet more than what is already in the pot. Instead, make sure to bet at least over half of the pot so the strategy has the desired reaction. Giving up a hand only because the turn did not bring your cards is no reason to slow down, especially if the opponent only checks – that means that he either has a low or mid pair or another draw.

Use double barreling after raising preflop. Before doing this, there are some factors to consider, like how many chips you have and how many opponents have, as well as the position at the table. Being in a late position works better, but it can still be done in early positions, depending on the circumstances. If the opponent has the lead, then double barreling should be out of the question.

Lastly, if you already raised or bet during the preflop with two high cards, the next betting round will give you a golden chance to fire a bet on a low board. This can help you take down the pot using a strong pot-sized bet. That way, if the turn brings another high card that favors you, you are already in a great position in case the opponent calls.