Early satellite strategies to deploy in Texas Hold’em

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Posted on: June 30, 2020 5:47 pm EDT

It isn’t always necessary to begin an aggressive attack when playing in a poker satellite event

Every single type of poker game can use a tactic to make the best out of it, especially during tournaments. In Texas Hold’em, playing satellites is one of those types of events that are different from the rest; typically speaking most competitors will get the same award no matter the place they finished after the bubble was popped. Therefore, if you are a satellite player, you really don’t need to worry much about building a huge chip stack or beating every single player in the field. It basically means that, usually, 10% of the tournament contenders will finish in first place, so having a good strategy during early action can bring you nothing but success.

It might sound quite simple to accomplish, but it can actually be tricky, so there is strategy to implemented to ensure you are successful. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that these tournaments are frequently visited by weak players on a major basis. Everyone wants to get access to a pricey event for a cheap amount, so the fact that there are a lot of weak players doesn’t mean that you can be confident to get to the money just because – even playing against a weak player calls for some strategy.

During satellites, the early stages are usually counted for most of the portion of the event – as opposed to a regular tournament. So, during this time, you can focus on building up your stack to have some security by the time the bubble is approaching. Instead of starting your game passively like many players do, change completely and be aggressive. Don’t wait just for premium hands to get into action when a tournament starts; you can skip that phase and play smart and aggressive, starting with the first hand. If you build your stack and can survive until the bubble bursts, you have already won.