How to bet on the river in Texas hold’em

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Posted on: April 8, 2020 5:49 pm EDT

Consider how the betting rounds have gone when it comes time to try to win a pot on fifth street

It is true that poker has a significant luck component, but using the right strategy adapted to the current hand can give poker players and edge to win a specific hand. Texas hold’em continues to be the most popular poker form and even the last card dealt in the community cards can turn things around easily. Reaching the river and having all cards in the table will require a player to react fast, regardless of the winning chances. Deciding on how to bet when all the cards are on the table is extremely important to take full advantage of the situation.

Going back to the beginning of the hand, it is important to consider that, if a player decides to engage in the hand and neither the flop, turn or river produce any good outcomes, the best way to go will be to just check. It is important to pay attention to how other players are betting on the table and make a quick decision to step out if the hand is not worth it. Betting on a weak hand means that luck will be required to have a positive outcome amid all the possible negative ones.

On the other hand, the scenario changes dramatically when a high-ranked hand is secured. This is the time to win big, it is not only a matter of getting more chips to your stack, but it is a simple economic case. If there are $20 on the pot and you go for a $20 bet, then chances are that only three out of ten times other players call to your bet. If, for instance, you raised $5, then more people will call the bets, and less money will be on the pot. And, let’s not forget there is still a chance for the hand not to be the winning one, and you could lose all the money in the pot. Ultimately poker is about winning the game, risking continuing with a weak hand into the river can lead to costly mistakes.