How to exploit the four types of poker players

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Posted on: July 15, 2020 7:15 pm EDT

Understanding your opponents is the first step to winning at poker

The rules to play poker remain unchanged but what is in constant evolution is the approach and different styles of play found among poker players of all levels. One skill to learn in order to improve your game is how to exploit each of the different types of poker players there are by using their weaknesses. There are specific strategies that can be applied to become a more profitable player who adapts to the game depending on the style of the opponent.

The first kind of player is someone who is more passive than anything else. Here, it is important to look for that passive player who often folds against your continuation bet or who only checks when he or she opens the betting round.
In these cases, continue to try stealing small pots and claim uncontested money. Be careful with bets at the turn or river, as your opponents might have something good in their hands.

Another kind is player is the one who never folds, even facing an aggressive play. Dealing with these players can be pricey if you are not careful with the number of bluffs you make. Your main source of profit is to move forward with hands like a top pair, which are paid off more often and should basically be the main source of profit.

Then, there are those players that go all-in from the beginning and are overly aggressive. It is true that aggression in poker can lead to success, but certainly your opponent can feel the pain when having to deal with the same style. So, the best strategy might be to check-raise to get more profit out of these players.

Finally, there are those tight poker regulars. These are the players with very nitty playing styles who can be recognized quickly by looking at their raises on any of the streets, which won’t happen often. The best approach is to not engage in every action with these players, who have a very nut-heavy range to play, and only get involved when it is really worth it.