Using table image to gain an edge in Texas Hold’em

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Posted on: July 30, 2020 7:00 pm EDT

How your opponents view you at the table can give you an advantage in key hands

Poker is a complex game of luck and skill, and it can be improved by studying every aspect that can help you to be prepared for any given scenario. One important thing to learn when playing Texas Hold’em is table image, which is quite important to the game. However, some players keep using it very incorrectly. Table image refers to how the opponents see you at the table regarding your play style, strengths and weaknesses. Knowing how to change your style to confuse opponents will give you a good edge in the game.

Just as important as analyzing the rest of the players sitting in the table, you need to be aware of the image you are projecting so you can always take advantage of it in given situations.
Some players might think that this is not something important to pay attention to, but the reality is that the less you think about table image, the worse player you are. Just as you will constantly look for hints of what your opponent is doing and why or when there is some bluffing going on, in the same way, your opponents will do the same thing to you.

Understanding this point can give you an edge that will allow you to adjust your playing style to bring in more profit. Basically, you are going to be abusing what other players think of you and your tendencies by making them think they have you all figured out. A key technique you can use to trick players is a lighter three-betting approach. If you are coming out as a tight and straightforward player, three-betting will confuse a confident player who would think you have a nut, so you can take the chance to bluff a little, as the opponent will most likely fold.